An Introduction to Business and Business Planning by Dr Jay A. Dewhurst

This book introduces students to business concepts experientially as they develop a business plan for a fictional business the student creates. With each chapter, the student learns introductory concepts and then applies those concepts to their business plan. This method of introducing students to business concepts encourages the student to apply new concepts as well as connect concepts covered in prior chapters.

The text comes with free downloadable templates for the business plan including financial projections which are particularly difficult at the introductory level.

Instructors are encouraged to have students work either individually or in teams and present the business plan at the end of semester as if they are seeking financing from a bank of venture capital group.

This book is the first in a series of practical guides that help business students learn and then apply new concepts.About the author

Dr. Jay A. Dewhurst

Dr. Dewhurst is a 25 year veteran of business leadership and entrepreneurship having built and operated businesses throughout the US and Central America. Dewhurst taught business and finance at the University of Charleston and Grand Canyon University and has been published in several national and international journals and magazines. He is recognized as a leader in small business development, human resource management and employee retention as well as operational efficiency.

Dr. Dewhurst has authored two books, An Introduction to Business published by Bookboone and has just released the first in a series of practical guides for entrepreneurs, A Practical Guide to Business Planning published by Lezarago Publishing available on Amazon as well as traditional bookstores.

In addition to his for-profit ventures, Dewhurst is Founder and President of The Nehemiah Institute, an international educational initiative that brings higher education to the poor all over the globe.

Dewhurst is a father and grandfather and resides in Teays Valley, WV and Tucson, AZ.

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