All The Lies by Rina Kent PDF

All The Lies by Rina Kent PDF

Download All The Lies by Rina Kent PDF book free online. In the captivating novel “All The Lies,” Reina Ellis finds herself entangled in a web of mysteries and forgotten truths. Once a popular and untouchable figure, she now awakens to a fragmented existence, her memories scattered like ashes in the wind.

Asher Carson, an enigmatic presence in her life, holds the key to her forgotten past and her future as his wife. With his striking allure and brooding silence, Asher becomes both a source of fascination and fear for Reina.

Bound by three unyielding rules, she is forced to bow, break, and ultimately pay for a crime she cannot remember committing. Shadows of a deadly fire and a lifeless girl haunt her consciousness, teasing her with fragments of a hidden reality.

As Reina unravels the threads of her own existence, she must confront the unsettling truths that lie within the darkness, seeking redemption and the reclamation of her lost self. “All The Lies” is a riveting, dark new adult tale that delves into dubious circumstances, immersing readers in a provocative and triggering journey.

Download All The Lies by Rina Kent PDF

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