All Summer Long by Shirley Jump Pdf

Download All Summer Long by Shirley Jump Pdf.What could possibly go wrong when a one-night stand returns?

When Coast Guard Lt. Mike Stark’s ex-wife leaves their two daughters on his doorstep, he quickly realizes he is in over his head. He goes home to Rescue Bay in an attempt to provide some stability, but when he runs into the intoxicating woman he thought he could forget, Mike’s messy life gets even more entangled.

Rescue Bay veterinarian Diana Tuttle is a determined single mom who has vowed to never depend on a man again, after her son’s non-committal father leaves her high and dry. She is tempted by Mike—but he’s the kind of man who has forever written all over him.

When the two reconnect, there’s no mistaking the simmering attraction. The question is whether skittish Diana is ready for anything more than a guy on the side. Add in some well-meaning matchmaking and this second chance might just become much more.