All Sorrows Are Less by Kit McKenna Pdf

Download All Sorrows Are Less by Kit McKenna Pdf.From the age of seven Miriam Cross has been told by her family and the leaders of their religious cult that she was

cursed. When the unthinkable happens, she is shamed and cast out. Shunned, she is abandoned on the doorstep of a home that might as well have been the gates of Hell because it is inhabited by an evil man.

Miriam passes through the fire and finds a safe place to be for the first time in her life. She even starts to believe that she might have a chance at a happiness. Her broken heart begins to mend when she meets a man with wounds of his own.

Luke Goodnight only ever wanted to serve his country but his military career was cut short when his transport rolled over an explosive device. A shell of his former self, all he could see was endless days of going through the motions. Then he meets her.

Together, they believe they can dare to dream of a future of home, love, and happiness.

Then the past comes knocking at the door…