All Shot to Hell by Mila Young Pdf

All Shot to Hell by Mila Young Pdf

Download All Shot to Hell by Mila Young Pdf book free online. Finally, everything was going our way. We received the artifacts back. We vanquished the dragon. I believed we had won. But in the end, we’ve lost far more. Cain is seriously hurt, and I have no idea how to help him. I shouldn’t be sad about losing him, but I am. A lot. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Elias and Dorian have a plan: they’ll ask those who practice the ugliest and cruelest of magic for assistance. We quickly learn that the only person with sufficient might to raise the Prince of Hell from the dead is a master of death. But nothing comes without a cost, and we have to fly across the globe and face a host of new threats for which none of us are prepared.

The devils are still a continual temptation, even with everything shot to hell. Being among them only seems to add fuel to the fire, but letting me leave hinges on locating all of Hell’s artifacts.

About the Author

Best-selling author Mila Young approaches everything with the fervor and swagger of the heroic figures from the fairy tales she grew up reading. She destroys both real and made-up monsters with equal ferocity. She is an expert marketer by day, rocking the piano. She engages in nighttime combat while crafting sexy happily-ever-after tales and fairytale retellings with her powerful pen-sword. She enjoys reading every fantasy book she can get her hands on, going on walks with her dogs on the beach, snuggling with her kitties, and acting like a fierce warrior in her free time.

Living in a little town on the coast of New Jersey is Harper A. Brooks. Although her bookcases have always been packed with works by famous authors, she discovers that her literary inspiration is drawn to the mysterious, romantic, and magical. You may find her either at home cuddling with her hairy, four-legged son, Sammy, or with a good cup of coffee when she isn’t building entire worlds with seductive shifters or legendary love tales. — The paperback version is referred to in this section.

Download All Shot to Hell by Mila Young Pdf