Alessio by C.M. Steele PDF

Alessio by C.M. Steele PDF

Download Alessio by C.M. Steele PDF book free. Alessio: Juniper wasn’t the right fit for the job, but it didn’t matter to me. She was the perfect fit for me. As the underboss of the Conti Family, I hadn’t planned on finding anyone. Still, a simple, inane task led me to the woman I wanted more than I’d ever anticipated.

There were just a couple of problems. I wasn’t a good guy, and worst of all, June didn’t see me as the guy for her. She had eyes for someone else. June: From the first encounter with Alessio, I felt the heat between us. Unfortunately, I was just the help. He was hot and cold; I couldn’t figure the man out, but once I did, the gloves were off. Then he got the wrong idea, and I couldn’t correct him.

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