Air Service Boys Over the Enemy’s Lines By Charles Pdf

Air Service Boys Over the Enemy's Lines By Charles Pdf

Download Air Service Boys Over the Enemy’s Lines By Charles Pdf book free online – from Air Service Boys Over the Enemy’s Lines By Charles Pdf book; The adventures of young American pilots during World War I in their air-duels with German pilots and their interception of German homing pigeons used to send messages from German spies in France back to Germany.” — “Another thrilling tale of army aviation.

Entrusted with a special mission, the young airmen go over the German lines and learn important secrets. They had previously aided an American girl who had a German guardian, and they fall in with this rascal, who tries to make trouble for them. They are captured and sentenced to be shot. How they manage to escape makes reading no boy will want to miss.

“Let’s see, we stood here when I fired,” continued Tom reflectively, “and you walked straight to where the bird dropped. That would make the direction due northwest by southeast. How about that, Jack?”

The other took a survey, and then pointed with his hand.

“When I saw the bird coming first of all, Tom,” he finally remarked, “it was just showing up over that clump of trees killed by gunfire. And it was heading as straight as can be for us.”

“Yes,” Tom went on to say, “because a homing pigeon on being released will rise to a certain height and take its bearings. Then it starts in a bee-line for its loft, whether that is five miles away or hundreds of miles. Some peculiar instinct tells it in which way home lies. It seldom if ever goes astray. Sometimes birds have made a thousand miles, and shown up at their home coop days after being set free.”

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