Africa Rise And Shine By Jim Ovia

Africa Rise And Shine By Jim Ovia

How A Nigerian Entrepreneur From Humble Beginnings Grew A Business To $16 Billion

Africa Rise And Shine By Jim Ovia – The road to success is rarely linear and never easy. Despite countless setbacks, Jim Ovia, founder of Zenith Bank, was able to achieve the unthinkable. Africa Rise and Shine is the story of Ovia’s business and banking success and how he was able to create one of Africa’s largest banks.

Spanning decades of both world and Nigerian history, Africa Rise and Shine dives deep into the events that led to Ovia’s triumph. Drawing upon his educational experiences and relentless determination, Ovia was able to overcome every hurdle that stood in the way of his bank becoming the national icon that it is today. Africa Rise and Shine outlines the tough, yet necessary business decisions that were essential to Zenith’s prolonged success and is filled with valuable takeaways for every businessperson. Learn from one of the best in banking what it takes to truly be successful.

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About the author (2018)

JIM OVIA is the founder and chairman of Zenith Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in Africa. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Southern University Louisiana, an MBA from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and an OPM from Harvard Business School. Jim is a philanthropist and chairman of the Jim Ovia Foundation. To date, over 1,500 students have been provided with university scholarships. The Jim Ovia Foundation also established the James Hope College at Agbor, his place of birth. In recognition of his achievements, particularly in support of the Nigerian economy, Jim Ovia was conferred with the national award of Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON) in 2011.

Originally published: 24 July 2018

AuthorJim Ovia

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    How can we dawnload apart from money

  2. M

    I never knew that JIM OVIA wrote a book!

    He is the founder of Zenith Bank and one of the greatest African Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists…


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