Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics by Glyn James 5th ed

Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics pdf

Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics – Building on the foundations laid in the companion text Modern Engineering Mathematics, this book gives an extensive treatment of some of the advanced areas of mathematics that have applications in various fields of engineering, particularly as tools for computer-based system modelling, analysis and design.  

The philosophy of learning by doing helps students develop the ability to use mathematics with understanding to solve engineering problems. A wealth of engineering examples and the integration of MATLAB, MAPLE and R further support students.

Key features of this new edition:

·        The order of chapters is updated, giving a more logical progression throughout the book

·        Colour is introduced to make the text more accessible and student-friendly

·        More references are made to the use of MATLAB and MAPLE with commands and codes introduced

·        New topics are introduced, including new sections on singular value decomposition, direct design of digital filters and windows, and integral solution of partial differential equations

·        Updated Solutions Manual; a downloadable resource for lecturers

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About the Author

Professor Glyn James is currently Emeritus Professor in Mathematics at Coventry University, having previously been Dean of the School of Mathematical and Information Sciences. As in previous editions he has drawn on the relevant knowledge and experience of his fellow co-authors to provide an excellent new edition.