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advanced microeconimic theory

Advanced Microeconomic Theory’ remains a rigorous, up-to-date standard in microeconomics, giving all the core mathematics and modern theory the advanced student must master.

Long known for careful development of complex theory, together with clear, patient explanation, this student-friendly text, with its efficient theorem-proof organization, and many examples and exercises, is uniquely effective in advanced courses.

New in this edition

  • General equilibrium with contingent commodities
  • Expanded treatment of social choice, with a simplified proof of Arrow’s theorem and complete, step-by-step development of the Gibbard-Satterthwaite theorem
  • Extensive development of Bayesian games
  • New section on efficient mechanism design in the quasi-linear utility, private values environment. The most complete and easy to follow presentation of any text.
  • Over fifty new exercises.

Essential reading for students at Masters level, those beginning a Ph.D and advanced undergraduates.  A book every professional economist wants in their collection.

Book Review from Amazon

on March 16, 2014
The book was well written, logical and relatively easy to read (for an advanced Microeconomic text.) The appendices were useful as a refresher and the proofs were sufficiently rigorous without being tedious.
on January 24, 2013
Of course this is not a book for simply interest about the topic. I don’t consider this text difficult to understand. There are many much hard to read advanced microeconomic texts. The language used in this book is alright for a master student. Wish they have the hard cover version
on March 26, 2017
Great Book for students of Economics. To understand the content of the book however, you will need a very strong grounding in mathematics. If your Maths is not good, this is not the right book for you
on September 26, 2016
It is just what you would a expect: a PhD level, theoretical book on microeconomics. The book often makes more sense than my professor teaching the course. The math proofs are easy enough to follow–tends to skip lots of algebraic steps, but what advanced math book doesn’t–and the pages aren’t covered so densely that you cannot focus.
Pages: 637
Size: 5 Mb
Authors:  Geoffrey A. Jehle Philip J. Reny