Advanced Accountancy by Shivaji University Pdf

Download Advanced Accountancy by Shivaji University Pdf book free online – from Advanced Accountancy by Shivaji University Pdf book; This note covers the following topics: Auditing, Advantages or Necessity of auditing, Types of audit, Vouching, Characteristics of Vouching, Special Features in respect of Audit of Co-operative Societies, Banks, Company Auditor.

Accountancy begins where Book – Keeping ends. The work of Accountant, start when the job of book – keeper is completed. The accountant has to satisfy himself that the transaction have been properly recorded and posted in the
books of accounts. He makes the trial balance agree. Then he prepares the final accounts after making necessary adjustments. He should have knowledge of accounting principles and basic skill of preparing the final accounts.

It is concerned with finalisation of final trading result. The object of accountancy is to ascertain the trading result. Accountant is responsible to management.

Where accountancy ends, auditing begins. It involves verification of the entries passed by accountant and final accounts prepared by him. It is a work of scrutiny with the help of vouchers, documents and the information supplied him. The auditor has to satisfy himself about the authenticity of transactions. The auditor is required to submit his report to the effect whether or not the Balance Sheet is true and fair representation of the state of affairs of the business. Thus an auditor must be well – versed in accounting. The person having passed the examination of Chartered – Accountant (C. A) is qualified to work as
an auditor.

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