Addicted to You by Becca Ritchie Pdf

Addicted to You by Becca Ritchie Pdf

Download Addicted to You by Becca Ritchie Pdf book free online. The biggest secret of quiet Lily Calloway would go unnoticed. At college clubs, everyone is dancing, but Lily stays in the restroom. to find love. Her obsession drives her to one-night stands, sexy hookups, and embarrassingly embarrassing occasions. The only person who is aware of her secret also knows his own. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

His bottle of bourbon is Loren Hale’s closest companion. Lily comes in second place. They have concealed their addictions from their family for three years by pretending to be in a committed relationship. They are experts at hiding flasks and errant men who wander into and out of their place.

They cling more tightly to their abusive relationship as they struggle under the weight of their addictions, and they begin to question whether living together honestly might be preferable than lying. They see that they may not just be hooked to drink and sex as strangers and family members begin to encroach on their closed-off lifestyles and present them with fresh difficulties.

About the Author

One is a science nerd, the other is a comic book fanatic, but Krista & Becca Ritchie, identical twins and New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, united their mental faculties as children and have never stopped telling stories. Superheroes, flawed people, and soul mate love are all things they adore.

Download Addicted to You by Becca Ritchie Pdf


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