Accidentally Inn Love by Abby Knox Pdf

Download Accidentally Inn Love by Abby Knox Pdf book free. Naomi. I have never experienced such a demanding guest in all my years of running a successful inn. While most tourists understand the quirkiness of an old building, a certain cocky young artist, Caleb, has nothing but complaints about every minor inconvenience.

Just when I think I’ve finally got him settled in, though, things start to go truly haywire. I’m starting to suspect he’s inventing problems with his room, just to waste my time and mess with me because he’s having some kind of artistic block. He’ll soon find out I’m not a woman to be messed with. Caleb. Naomi is my muse. I knew it the moment she checked me in to my room at this quaint old inn. I came here for a change of scenery and inspiration, but wasn’t prepared for her. The only problem now is I don’t want to be left alone to work on my art. I want to paint her. Need to paint her. More than that, I need her near me as much as possible. She may be too busy running an inn to sit and model for me, but I’ve got bigger plans. And those plans do not involve checking out of this inn anytime soon.


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