Abeg app review: All you need to know

Abeg App is an idea that came when the popular Nigeria tech influencer and CEO of SwiftaCorp jokingly tweeted in 2018 about people’s culture of begging to get money. He said the App will be the Nigeria version of the Cash App.

Abeg is a term commonly used by Nigeria when pleading or asking for a favour. It was coined from two words “I” and “beg”. This should give you an idea of what the app is being used for.

Abeg app review

Though Abeg has been around since 2019 it started to gain more popularity among Nigerians when it sponsored the popular Nigeria reality TV show, Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 6  ‘shine ya eye’.

What the Abeg app is all about

Abeg is a fast-growing Nigerian fintech company developed by Abeg technologies. The company was co-founded in 2019 by the trio of Dare Adekoya (CEO), Michael Okoh, and Muheez Akanni. The app was released on September 4, 2020.

The co-founders stated that the Abeg app is a prototype of Square’s Cash App. With the Abeg App, users can send and receive money for free, it also lets you purchase airtime at zero charges from your Abeg wallet.

How to download and sign up on the Abeg app

It is quite easy to download the Abeg app. You can follow the steps below to download and sign up on the app.

  • The very first step is to download the app from Google PlayStore if you are an android user and app store for Apple users
  • After you have downloaded the app, open it and click on “Create Account”.
  • Immediately after this, a screen will appear asking for your full name, mobile phone number, valid email address, and password.

Ensured that you cross-check all the information you have input, and then click the Submit Button. This will create an Abeg mobile account.

Note that before you can access all the Abeg features, you need to verify your account by linking your BVN.

How to send and receive money with the Abeg app

The Abeg App was created with the sole aim of sending and receiving money. To do this, you must have created an account with Abeg and your BVN must have been verified with your phone number. The system will then scan through your contact list to see those who have installed the app on their phones.

You can send a request to another Abeg user on your contact list or input their user name, and the request will be sent to them.

If you also want to send money, it’s quite easy as much as you have funded your Abeg wallet and also know the receiver’s username.

In the next paragraph, we shall be looking at the step-by-step process of sending and receiving money with the Abeg App.

How to request money with the Abeg App

After you sign up for the Abeg app and install it, you will be presented with an interface that allows you to request money and send money immediately to other Abeg users. Here’s how to ask for money from friends who have an Abeg tag.

  • Click on request.
  • Enter the amount that you wish to request. You can request the lowest amount at #1,000, and the maximum at #1,000,000.
  • Click on the request. You will be notified and the user on the other end can accept or decline your request for money.

How to send money to Abeg

You can send money to other Abeg users using the Abeg app. Abeg transfers are free. This is a step-by-step guide to sending money to an Abeg user.

  • Tap Send from the homepage
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Enter the Abeg tag of the beneficiary or scan your Abeg contacts for your beneficiary
  • For the money to be sent, type the description
  • Tap on pay and confirm your action on the next page
  • Next, you’ll be asked whether you are certain about the transfer. Click Yes, I’m sure.

Your Abeg wallet and beneficiary Abeg accounts will both be debited instantly. Abeg allows you to send money anonymously as an ‘Anon.’ This is for those who don’t wish to reveal the identity of their beneficiary.

How to Buy Airtime from the Abeg App

After sending and receiving money, the second most common transaction be carried out by Nigerians is the sending of Airtime. Most of the fintech companies in the country know this, and will always find a way to integrate it into their system. Abeg app is not an exception also as it has made it seamless to send airtime on the app.

Simply click on the explore button to purchase airtime.

In just 4 steps, you can purchase airtime from Abeg

  • Click to buy the airtime banner in the explore section, or use the tag search or tabs to search for airtime.
  • Do not click on Buy Airtime, instead, select your network provider (MTN, 9MOBILE. GLO OR Airtel).
  • After selecting your Network provider input the amount that you wish to recharge, click the box, and pay
  • Enter the number that you wish to recharge, and Click Recharge Now
  • For confirmation, you will see the order summary. Next, click on pay and enter your Abeg pin.

If you followed the steps above, your SIM will be recharged with airtime from your Abeg balance.

How to top up or fund your Abeg account

It is easy to fund your Abeg account.

  • Go to your profile page.
  • Click the fund wallet link.
  • The Abeg bank account number will be displayed.

You can also copy the account number and transfer it.

Abeg app key features

Send Money

Abeg’s mobile app lets you send money to contacts using their able tags. It is important to remember that you must first register on the platform before you can send money. You can also use the payment link, which you can share anonymously and publicly.


We all need financial needs we need to meet at one point on the other. There are tendencies that people around you including friends and family might not have up to the amount of money that you need. It is even possible that people are not willing to lend you money. This is why taking a loan sometimes is helpful. Abeg also has this feature, and users can request a loan on the App.


Invite your friends to use the Abeg App, and you can earn 500 naira just by doing this. To earn money with the Abeg App referral scheme, you must have used the app. You can gift your friend a token by using the app. You can earn 500 naira by referring a friend to the Abeg App.

Make someone happy

While the Big brother naija season 6 was still on, Abeg made it possible;e for their users to send cash to ex-BBN or evicted housemates through the BB Naija Season 6 series. You don’t have to make BBN housemates happy, but you can send cash to anyone using your Abeg tags. Abeg has a one-naira minimum spending limit and a one-naira maximum sending limit.

You can also choose to send anonymous money to friends or contacts. To do this, press the long-press/press the “send” button and then hold it down.

Is Abeg App Legit?

The Abeg app currently has over 500 thousand downloads on Playstore with 4.1-star reviews from over 4000 reviews. Although there are few negative reviews from users just like any other app, the positive ones are far more than the negative ones.

Abeg is also a registered company on CAC has ‘ABEG TECHNOLOGIES LTD’ with RC 1679194 (Date of Registration – Jun 26, 2020). The app requires no registration fee and it has a lot of payment proofs.

Who owns Abeg?

Abeg was founded in 2019 by Dare Adekoya and he is also the company’s CEO. However, Dare is not the only brain behind the startup company because the fintech company also has Muheez Akanni and Michael Okoh as co-founders.

What are the benefits of using the Abeg App?

You can reap many benefits from the Abeg App. Here are some:

  1. Option to send money anonymously: This is an option that can sometimes be useful if you don’t wish to reveal your identity.
  2. It is easy to request or beg money from other users via the app. You can request up to N1,000,000 (one million Nigerian naira).
  3. You can send money to the Abeg Tag without having to enter account details.
  4. You can participate in giveaways to win cash or prizes from other users. If you host a giveaway with a spending limit of N250,000, you will be verified.
  5. You can get loans fast and pay them off later.
  6. You can have fun, gist, and make transactions through the app. The app news feed works in the same way as Twitter.
  7. Abeg Technologies keeps on innovating. They offer the best user experience and features for you.

What are the requirements for opening an Abeg App bank account?

Before you can successfully register on the Abeg app, certain requirements are important for you to provide. These requirements are:

  • A Mobile phone number.
  • A valid email address.
  • Your Biometrics Verification Number (BVN).

These are all you need to register on the Abeg App. It’s easy and convenient, and you can do it anywhere there is an internet connection. It’s easy to do online banking without having to fill out papers or wait in queues.                              

Accepted country

For now, Abeg App is only supported in Nigeria There might be a plan to include other African countries after it has gained a foothold

Accepted currency

The official currency of Nigeria is naira, and so, that Is the same currency accepted on the Abeg app. As the company expands to other African countries, It will have to include other currencies as well.

Customer care support

You can send an email to the Abeg team at [email protected] You can follow Abeg on Instagram and send them private messages. You can also contact the Abeg team on Twitter.

Abeg App Head Office Address

Abeg Technologies’ headquarters is located in 7 Ibiyinka in Olorunbe, Lagos State, Nigeria. The zip code is 101241.


1. What is the maximum amount you can request on Abeg for money?

The minimum amount you can request on the Abeg app is N1,000,000 (one hundred thousand naira).

2. What is the minimum amount that Abeg can accept?

The minimum amount that is accepted on the Abeg app is N1,000 (one Thousand Nigerian Naira)

3. How do I change my Abeg pin?

To change your Abeg pin, you will need to send an email to Abeg [email protected], or tweet at them for a fast resolution

4. How do I change my details on Abeg?

Send an email to Abeg ([email protected]) or Tweet them for a quick resolution.

5. Do you have a way to see my transactions on Abeg recently?

Yes. By clicking on the notification icon on your Abeg App, you can view all transactions.

6. How do I become verified?

To become verified on the Abeg app you must meet a particular requirement. You will need to have given giveaways over N250,000 to get verified by Abeg

7. How do I obtain OTP if my BVN has changed?

To obtain OTP when your BVN has changed, you are required to send a photograph of your NIN [email protected], or tweet at them to get a quick resolution.

8. How do I create/change my Abeg Tag?

Creating or changing your Abeg tag is quite easy, simply follow the steps listed below

  • Go to your Profile
  • Click on Settings
  • Change Tag
  • Use a new tag

If the tag remains available, you can submit it.


The fintech industry in Nigeria has been evolving in recent years and has attracted a lot of investors all around the world. One can say that the industry is still at its surface level. Abeg app has proven again that there is much to expect from the fintech space, and it has shown a lot of growth within a short period. Abeg knew the need of people and went after it. The app has so far been doing well with its constant innovation and improvement. It is just a matter of years before the app covers the whole of Africa.

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