A Yankee Flier in Italy By Rutherford Montgomery Pdf

A Yankee Flier in Italy By Rutherford Montgomery Pdf

Download A Yankee Flier in Italy By Rutherford Montgomery Pdf book free online – from A Yankee Flier in Italy By Rutherford Montgomery Pdf book; The thrust into Italy was about to begin –– and Stan Wilson, and his flying pals, March Allison and Bill O’Malley, wanted to be in on the big show.

The picked the wrong moment, however, to get into trouble with Colonel Benson. By way of punishment, and much to their disgust, the tamest job in the air force was assigned to them –– ferrying P-38’s from Bizerte to Malta. But no assignment this crack fighting team was on could remain tame very long –– and this one was no exception. Led off their course by a clever enemy trick, the three pilots ended up in Italy. The story of how they stole a Fiat bomber, were shot down by their own air force and captured by the Nazis, and how they finally got away to join the fight in the air over Italy is one of timely, hair-raising adventure.

Captain Marks had not been able to get a single man to accept the job. He was relieved when the colonel had sent over word that O’Malley would serve as flight leader. But he still had to locate two men to work with the Irishman. O’Malley was taking the whole thing too nicely. Captain Marks was worried. He knew O’Malley’s reputation and he had picked up a few hints of how O’Malley had been assigned to the job.

“I’ll give you the names of your crew as soon as I get them lined up,” the captain said gruffly.

“Shanghaied you mean,” O’Malley said in a honeyed tone.

“The colonel will locate a couple for me,” the captain answered with a grin.

O’Malley grinned back at him. “I know a couple I wish you could get hold of,” he said. He turned around and walked out of the office.

For a full five minutes O’Malley stood outside the office looking out toward the blue Mediterranean. There was a deep scowl on his face. Finally he sauntered into the mess and seated himself near a wind

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