A Terrible Tomboy By Angela Brazil Pdf

A Terrible Tomboy By  Angela Brazil Pdf

Download A Terrible Tomboy By Angela Brazil Pdf book free online – from A Terrible Tomboy By Angela Brazil Pdf book; No,’ replied Peggy, giving in graciously. ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and if Joe really found the nests up there, it’s worth while going to see.’

Bobby climbed down in triumph, for Peggy so generally took the lead that it was sweet for once to get his own way. He was rather a gentle little boy, ready as a rule to follow at Peggy’s bidding, and to make a lively second to any scheme she might have in hand. Aunt Helen sometimes thought the two must have got changed, and that Peggy should have been the boy and Bobby the girl; for though the latter was not without courage, it was certainly Peggy who had the most of that enterprising spirit which is generally thought a characteristic of the masculine mind.

Though she would not have minded being a genuine boy, Peggy had the greatest objection to be called a tomboy—a term of reproach that had been hurled at her head from her earliest infancy by indiscriminating friends.

‘If they meant anything nice by it, I shouldn’t care,’ she complained. ‘But they don’t, for a tomboy is a horrid, rough sort of creature who isn’t fit to be either a boy or a girl. It’s too bad that I can’t even do useful things without people howling at me. Mrs. Davenport looked perfectly shocked when I harnessed the pony, though I told her Joe was milking, and there was no one else to come and do it; and when old Mr. Cooper saw me help Father to drive cows down the pasture, he popped out with “Miss Tomboy” at once, though he did say afterwards I was the right sort of girl. People didn’t call Joan of Arc and