A Rogue to Remember by Chasity Bowlin Pdf

A Rogue to Remember by Chasity Bowlin Pdf

Download A Rogue to Remember by Chasity Bowlin Pdf book free online. Lord Deveril Douglas “Devil” Ashton was banished to India after being compelled by his father to enlist in the military. It served as retribution for all of his egregious, erratic, and careless behavior. The unexpected occurs at home while he is serving his nation. A fortune hunter seduces the sister of the devil, who is then expelled by their father. When Devil returns to England, it’s too late to save his niece, but if he can find a governess who excels at handling kids who other people have labeled difficult, he just might be able to save his niece. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

There is only one issue: No respectable woman would ever agree to work in the Devil Lord’s house. If she did, she would never be able to work for anyone else again because his name is synonymous with failure.

Wilhelmina Marks, however, is not your typical governess. She is a Darrow School alumna, a vital part of The Hellion Club, and a strong woman in her own right. While Marina, Lord Deveril’s niece, has challenges, they pale in comparison to those faced by her uncle. He is everything that has been said about him. Hedonistic. charmingly rakish. Far too gorgeous. But also good-hearted and possibly a touch broken. Willa is drawn to him and finds him irresistible because of that mix.

About the Author

The 2019 Romance Through the Ages Award for Georgian/Regency Romance, the 2020 RONE Award, the 2021 RONE Award, the 2021 Raven Award, and the 2021 Imadjinn Award for Best Romance Novel have all been won by USA Today Best Sellers. Both privately and through Dragonblade Publishing, Chasity Bowlin has written several of the genre’s best-selling historical romance books. Along with her husband, their adorable son, and a variety of pets, she resides in central Kentucky. She adores both writing and travel, and she likes to include details from her actual travels in her stories. She is a fervent Anglophile who adores everything British, but especially everything Regency. She watched soap operas every day while growing up in Tennessee and spending as much time as she could with her adoring grandparents. Scooby Doo episodes would then follow immediately after. When her Barbie dolls did more than just drive around in a pink convertible, time traveled, hosted expensive dinner parties, and one even had an evil twin imprisoned in the attic, her career path as a romance novelist was established.

Download A Rogue to Remember by Chasity Bowlin Pdf


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