A Million to Stay by Blue Saffire Pdf

Download A Million to Stay by Blue Saffire Pdf book free. Warning: This title is a re-release of Blue’s website exclusive A Million to Stay. It’s been totally rewritten with over 150 pages of new content. Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents. A Million To Stay: A Million to Blow Series

Gregor: I knew she was the one from the first time I saw her in that coffee shop. Time, age, life just made it impossible for us to be together. I thought I was the one making all the hard decisions and sacrifices in our relationship. In the end, my sacrifices amount to nothing and now I have to call on every power that be to make things right with the only woman for me. That is if our secrets don’t burn us to ashes first. Chloe: I just don’t have it in me to love him again. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. This just won’t end well. I’m damaged beyond repair…or I thought I was. This is Book 2 in the A Million Series from bestselling, award winning author Blue Saffire. This is a spinoff from the Lost Souls world. This book has strong language and sexual content. This Book is for Mature Readers 18+


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