A Matter Of Trust by Kit McKenna Pdf

Download A Matter Of Trust by Kit McKenna Pdf.Sarah Cross has overcome many challenges in her life. Once she was rescued from a religious cult by her sister, she

set about acclimating to life outside the oppression and has flourished. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, she has built a business that has garnered her a very prestigious accolade. That accolade lands her a speaking engagement that poises her and her business to step onto the global stage.

For years, Jasper “Jack” Carver has been receiving texts from a mysterious woman he has never met. Those texts help keep him grounded and focused on why he was serving as a S.E.A.L. carrying out dangerous missions for his country. Newly retired, he decides to take a break while deciding what comes next in life when he has a chance encounter with a beautiful, bold, and intriguing woman.

Sarah finds herself running for her life after stumbling upon a murder and straight into the arms of Jack. They discover their intertwined history only to be torn apart by a dangerous killer intent on tying up loose ends. Will Jack be able to keep Sarah safe when the danger catches up?


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