A Home for the Alien Warrior by Honey Phillips PDF

A Home for the Alien Warrior by Honey Phillips PDF

Download A Home for the Alien Warrior by Honey Phillips PDF book free. Can a lonely alien warrior find the family he’s always wanted? When tragedy shatters Claire’s world, she abandons her corporate job and retreats to a remote mountain town. Just when she finally begins to rebuild her life, she is abducted by alien slavers.

Unable to escape the scientist who purchases her, she devotes herself to the young alien twins who are also trapped by his twisted experiments. When a massive green male offers them a way out, she takes it. Although her heart says to trust him, she knows how easy it is to lose everything. Since leaving his dying planet of Ciresia, Arcosta has led a lonely, nomadic life. Even though he has no hope of a family, he still dreams of a place to call his own. When his current boss proposes a bargain – a simple rescue mission in exchange for a permanent home – he takes the deal. However, the mission is far from simple, and the moment he encounters a brave, defiant female everything changes. He will give up everything he has in order to keep her – and the orphans in her care – safe. But with a mad scientist and an angry slaver on his tail, will his sacrifice be enough? And is his new dream – a home with Claire and the children – even further out of reach?

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