A Highland Lass for the English by Adamina Young PDF

A Highland Lass for the English by Adamina Young

Download A Highland Lass for the English by Adamina Young PDF book free. London’s women will not let an outsider take their Duke. Lissie Duncan’s family desperately needs money, and no one can think of a solution. Determined to solve the problem herself, Lissie offers to go to London to find a rich husband, turning marriage, a pleasurable pursuit for many lasses, into a matter of life and death.

When she arrives at the home of her distant cousin who lives in London, there is immediate awkwardness as her cousin begins making comments about her hair and clothes wondering how she’s ever going to stand out in London. Although a bit discouraged, the Highland Lass pulls herself together and tries to look her best for her first ball. There, the only man that draws her attention is William Rothingham, the breathtaking Duke of Iverst. Unfortunately, every woman tries to seduce him since William is both a wealthy Duke and the most handsome man in the room. Thus, Lissie decides to rule him out as winning his heart would be too hard, and she is there to fulfil her duty, not to fall in love. Yet, the Duke finds the Scottish lass that completely ignores him intriguing! No one has ever disregarded him before, and when Lissie leaves, he follows her in order to meet her. Now, the lass will find out how London women can destroy the reputation of a girl they envy… Should Lissie endure the hardships and trust that she can capture William’s heart, or is she a one-night prize for him? Enjoy this Highland Historical Romance story filled with mystery, treachery, and romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after, by best-selling author Adamina Young! Get your copy TODAY with Kindle Unlimited!