A Face and a Name

A Face and a Name


I’m a man of no one, but myself.
I have a name; I bank no fame.
I walk my desired path, all by myself.
I’m Just a face, and a name.

I’m the lovely fin: that keeps the fish swimming;
But I’m that boring lover that ruins every date.
Gave-in not, to condescension; I’ll keep on fighting.
I’m just a face and a name.

I’m the beauty queen: that strings every heart along.
I’m the deflated balloon: wrapped round every gate.
Comfy, solemn but yet, carries everyone along.
But then, I’m just a face and a name.

I’m the galloping horse: that aims not two but one direction.
However worn the horse, surely, it wouldn’t produce a flame.
I’ll never run in circles; I’d create a defiant section.
But then, I’m just a name, an hidden fame.

I’m the melody, an abode to many singing birds.
I’m the sweetest rill: many would drink but none would praise.
I cared not if I’m loved, I would never pay to keep a friend.
Afterwards I’m just a name, and a fameless face.

I’m the foot that walk miles to miles; out in the rain,
Treading softly, to the echoes of this coal and flames.
However tough the road, I’d walk till I shut this bane.
Yet, I’ll be just a face, and a name.

Humble and loyal to the ones above, but in custody of my brain.
Wouldn’t sell out to many authorities, seeking class and fame:
For another man’s name, I wouldn’t forfeit my brain.
Better still, to keep my face, and bank my name.

© Daniel Blessing

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