A Course Material on Services Marketing Pdf

Download A Course Material on Services Marketing Pdf book free online – from A Course Material on Services Marketing Pdf book;; This note covers the following topics: Service Economy, Evolution and growth of service sector, Service Marketing Opportunities, Classification of services, Expanded marketing mix, Service marketing, Service Design And Development, GAP model of service quality, Service Delivery And Promotion, Service Strategies.

A service business is one where the perceived value of the offering to the buyer is determined more by the service rendered than the product offered. In this way the nature and scope of services pose different challenges for managers in service businesses. Such businesses include those that provide an almost entirely intangible offering, such as legal services, health care and cleaning services and businesses that offer both services and products such as restaurants and retail outlets.

Consumer‟s expectations are also affected by his or her personal philosophy concerning the delivery of services. Some consumers, by nature, have high standards concerning the quality of service delivery and very little tolerance for deviation. Other consumers have lower standards and tend to be more tolerant of service deviations.

How do consumers and businesses reduce the risk of a purchase? First, they examine their own personal experiences. Consumers tend to continue to patronize the same firm if they have not received bad service from that firm in the past.

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