8 Easy Tech skills to Learn in 2021

Did you know that 9 out of 10 companies in the world are always in need of a Techie who will be a part of the team? Research conducted by Indeed.com shows that amongst other industries such as health care, finance, and many others, jobs in the tech industry has been listed as one of the best jobs in 2021.

Tech skills to Learn in 2021

It might also interest you to know that virtually every industry out there is embracing technology, hence the growing need for tech gurus in those industries. And from my research, I have also found that the tech industry is has a great employment rate. 33% out of 100 employments are been done by various companies in the tech industry.

The tech industry is just so broad and lucrative you won’t go wrong learning a Tech skill in 2021. In this article, I will be taking you on a journey into the world of tech. in this journey, we will be x-raying and how you can succeed in them. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

But before we begin, 

What are tech skills?

Tech skills are classified as hard skills that are essential to carrying out specific tasks. Tech skills cut across areas such as analytics, programming,

Why would anyone want to choose Tech over other industries?

The Tech industry is one sector of the global economy that the world can’t do without. They are important for a couple of reasons.

Here are five irrevocable reasons why you need a tech skill:

  1. The world will continually be in need technological innovations, getting a tech skill makes you relevant now and in the future.
  2. With a tech skill, you stand a chance of getting better jobs with a good pay
  3. 70% of the work from home jobs are tech related. With a tech skill, you may have to work 9 – 5 per day
  4. The tech industry is one of highest paying industries in the world

8 Most in-demand Tech skills in 2021 

If you decide to hit your search engine in search of tech skills that are in high demand in 2021, you will be amazed at the results you will get. There are a great significant number of skills in the Tech industry, and each one of them comes with mouthwatering salaries. But there are some that top the chart in the list of in-demand Tech skills in 2021.

Whether you are new to the Tech industry or you want to make a switch from one tech skill to another, here are the 10 most in-demand skills in 2021 and their respective net worth per annum.

1). Data Science and Analytics

Data science and data analytics are unarguably the hot cake of the tech industry and the hottest skill in the 21st century. These two skills under Big Data specialization have witnessed a consistent increase in demand. 

On average, an entry-level data analyst earns about $61,071 while a data scientist earns an average salary of $103,000 per annum in 2021.

As the world continues to drift towards digitalization, companies seeking talented individuals who can help them make informed data-driven decisions by carefully analyzing raw data and communicating the results

Due to how lucrative data science has become, acquiring the skill either as a college degree or online will cost you a good sum of money.

I’ve heard some persons say that you need a PhD before you can become a data scientist, but that is just a myth. Anyone, I mean anyone at all can pursue a career in Data Science, you don’t need any prior knowledge of programming language.

What is the role of a Data Scientist?

As a data scientist, you will be dealing with enormous sets of structured and unstructured data. Your role interplays between the application of mathematical and statistical knowledge. 

You will spend most of your time analyzing, processing and modelling different data sets, and then communicating your results to help create actionable or data-driven decisions by your recruiter.

To succeed as a Data Scientist:

  • Acquire the basic skills for becoming a data scientist:

Computer programming

The use of cloud tools

Big Data Platforms

Data warehousing and structures

Machine learning

Mathematical and statistical analysis

  • Land your first entry level job

Since data scientists are in high demand, the next thing to do after acquiring all the necessary skills is to get your first job as an entry-level data scientist. 

One easy way to land an entry-level role is by applying or pitching a look to companies and organizations that are still growing.  With that you will not only improve your skills, you are also getting yourself prepared for senior positions.

2). Network and Information (Cyber security)

The rising cases of internet security threats and network breaches show how important companies need to secure their databases and network. This has made the demand for Cyber Security professionals increase drastically, also making one of the best skills to learn in 2021. 

Different companies in various industries collect vital and sensitive data from customers on daily basis, and it is their responsibility to keep their network secure. Whenever there is a data breach that may be due to malicious software or a hacking activity, these companies usually suffer financial losses. 

There is a shortage of skilled cyber security professionals, this means there is room for anyone who is willing to fill this gap. The average salary for cyber security professionals is about $99,834 per annum

To succeed in this field, you need a good understanding of:

  • Data encryption
  • Penetration testing
  • Network and software security 
  • Global standards like HIPAA, CCPA, PCI-DSS, and other compliance regulation

3). Cloud computing

Cloud computing although still a growing arm of the tech industry, but 2020 pandemic lead to an increase in demand for cloud computing professionals. And this demand is set to rise by the end of 2021. 

As more and more organizations are gradually making a transition from traditional and classical server infrastructure to cloud solutions, the demand for IT professionals skilled in cloud computing has skyrocketed. 

Companies and individuals that frequently handle large amounts of data are constantly adopting cloud storage as the best option for building their products and services instead of switching later. These companies have seen that cloud computing is cost-effective, highly secured, and it gives clients the privilege to access data on the internet, access databases and servers remotely. 

One of the biggest cloud technology platforms in the world is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Offering over 174 services, it also has features like content delivery, networking, and database storage. AWS specialists are mostly cloud architects, engineers, or system administrators. 

Obtaining an AWS certificate will increase your earning potential over other cloud computing specialists.

To succeed in this skill, the following are a few cloud computing skills you must possess:

  • Java
  • Software development
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Linux
  • Docker

The average salary for cloud computing professionals is $117,041 per year. 

4). DevOps

The word DevOps is derived from the combination of “Development and Operations”. DevOps professionals work with other professionals in the business to meet the growing demands of their customers.

DevOps skill Engineers are needed in running an organization because it helps both the development and IT aspect of any organization.

What does a DevOps engineer do?

A DevOps engineer help reduce complexities between Developers, programmers, and system administrators. He does this by introducing tools, simplified processes and methodologies that will make the process of development hassle-free.

Most times the developers in an organization may decide to introduce a new feature to an existing app or software, and the Operations team on the other hand are keen on ensuring the stability of the application. It is the DevOps engineer that unifies the process for both teams by combining code, application management and maintenance. A talented DevOps professional speeds up the process while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

To succeed as a DevOps engineer, you master how to use the DevOps toolchain and also learn the basics of one-two scripting languages like Ruby and Python.

5). Artificial Intelligence

Whenever a computer or a machine is made to mimic human intelligence, it is said to be the act of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is applied in solving problems, identifying objects and speech, responding to language and making decisions. A perfect example of artificial intelligence is the Google Assistant found on your mobile device

A report by LinkedIn showed that since 2020, there has been tremendous growth in the area of artificial intelligence and tech in general. The hiring rate for AI technicians increased by 32% between 2019 and 2020, and by 2030, artificial intelligence is expected to contribute $15.7 to the world economy.

To thrive in Artificial intelligence, you’d need a background knowledge of these skills:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Tensor Flow
  • Natural Language processing
  • Data engineering

6). UI/UX Design

Although they belong to the same family, UI is quite different from UX. 

UI and UX which stands for User interface and User Experience design is one skill needed in the creation of a product. The product could either be an App or a Website. Think of all the beautifully designed apps, and that website with amazing and responsive interfaces, they all began with UI/UX design.

What does a UI/UX designer do?

A UI/UX designer determines how a user will interact with a product. He determines how the user journey should be, from the click of the sign up to the very last action the user will take on the app. 

To break it down a little further, 

A User interface specialist is responsible for the design interfaces of apps and websites. His goal is to make it appealing, and easy-to-use for the audience it is intended. The UI is better for people that prefer the visual aspect of the design process, the general look and the layout of how the product should be.

While a User Experience (UX) specialist does a lot of research and testing on the prospective users. The UX is a good place for those who wish to convert results gotten from analysis and testing into a smooth experience for users of the product

7). Software Development

Software development is one of the fancy skills in the world of Tech. A lot of companies across various industries have shown interest in hiring full-stack developers, some of them are willing to pay $13.762 per annum.

A software developer applies computer science principles and programming languages in the creation, testing, debugging and deployment of software.

8). Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented reality is another skill that is new in the tech industry. There are all indications that it is almost going to explode in the coming years.

Research conducted by Research and Markets showed that the AR and VR market in Europe reached $7.59 billion in 2019, and the annual demand is set to increase to $104.3 billion by 2026.

A lot of companies in the entertainment, education, health and advertising industries have all adopted AR technologies. 

The demand for AR technicians in 2021 is has been outrageous, and it is not dropping anytime soon, because a few years from now, the full impact of AR and VR will be apparent

How to acquire a Tech Skill

Technology itself has made it easy for anyone to learn a tech skill. Here are three ways you can learn a tech skill in 2021

Bootcamps and Virtual Internships

Boot camps, hackathons and virtual internships are some of the easiest ways to acquire a tech skill. One thing I like about virtual internships is that they don’t only teach you theory. Most internships come with supervised assessments that will help you build a portfolio 

Self-Paced study

You can also learn tech skills from platforms like Coursera, LinkedIn Learn, Udemy and many others. Before enrolling in a course, go through the course syllable to be sure the course is well-detailed

College degree

There are higher institutions that offer these skills as a full-time study program. An example of those skills is Data science, information and network security 


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