5 Steps To Writing an Excellent Essay

Writing an academic essay is a daunting task. It requires an appropriate skill set, good researching abilities, and an eye for detail. However, writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are bent on writing a good essay on your own, check out these essential tips to get you started.

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Best Tips to Write a Perfect Essay

Not everyone is a born writer, and it takes great skills, sound writing abilities, and a keen sense of research to help you write an essay. Therefore, most students want to work on their own assignments. However, if you are stressed out and have very little time to deliver good quality work, you should go for top-quality essay services such as Essay Kitchen to do the job for you. If you are willing to write essays on your own, then here are some essential tips to help you deliver nothing but the best essay!

Choose The Right Topic

Selecting a topic is the key to writing a good essay. Sometimes, the professor assigns you to write on the given topic. In that case, you have to write the essay as per the given instructions. However, if you can choose the topic according to your wish and liking, you are given a free hand. Therefore, it is always important to select a topic that you think is the best. Then, when you choose a topic of your interest, you can easily pen down your thoughts.

Some people are passionate about climate change, while others are interested in sports, literature, or politics. Whatever your field of interest is, you can pick the topic accordingly. Students find it easier to write and research about a topic they feel passionate about. Keep this in mind when writing an essay. You will have plenty of options to choose from. Don’t just go for a topic that you think is easy or you feel passionate about. There are many factors to consider when choosing a research essay topic. Here are some dos and don’ts of selecting a topic for your essay.

  • Go for a topic you are interested in
  • Make sure there is plenty of research material
  • A unique topic gains everyone’s attention, only if you are able to find relevant research material
  • Select a topic on which you can write without worrying
  • Don’t copy topics of other students as you will lose marks
  • Find a topic on which you can find relevant facts

Brainstorm Your Ideas

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When sitting down to write an excellent essay, it is important first to brainstorm ideas. You should set up a goal, write down ideas, think about what interests you the most, and go for free writing to encourage your writing ability. When you start writing without thinking much, it helps you connect with words. Then, to solve a simple problem or to go for a debate, start collecting points. When you have enough points, you can easily write an essay.

Brainstorming also involves shortlisting different headings and points. The more points you can make, the better researched your essay would appear.

Make shorter subheadings and fill them up with what you wish to write. This way, you can get your essay more organized, and you will also not forget any important points. Keep writing all the points that you think should be mentioned in the essay. You can take the help of your friends and peers when writing an essay. Another best essay writing tip is to map out your ideas. Don’t simply start writing your essay from scratch. Jot down points in a coherent manner. Make sure everything is organized.

Start writing an essay 

When sitting down to write an essay, make sure you have the right environment. There should be no distractions. Keep your focus and maintain it. Half the battle is won when you can write the essay without any distraction. It will have fewer errors, and your mind will be cleared of any pressing problems or issues. When you have brainstormed ideas and know what your topic is, it becomes quite easy to write. All you have to do is sit down to write an essay with a clear, stress-free mind. Your essay should be backed with relevant research. Search the topic through different journals, books, and research papers. Mention the sources when you write down the essay. Outlining an essay is usually done during the brainstorming session. Now you need to write a thesis statement and make sure to give a good introduction.

Think Quality Over Quantity

You should never compromise quality over quantity. Writing gibberish will lead you nowhere. Instead, back your research essay with facts, research articles and validate your content through correct information. When you fill up the content with words as directed by your professor and neglect the quality of content on which you will be marked, it is quite likely you will not get the desired marks.

Reread your essay to minimize mistakes. When your essay is of top quality, only then will you be able to get top grades.

Write The Body, Then The Introduction

The body paragraphs have more detail and are bound to have research material. You state facts and incorporate the information in the body paragraphs to prove your point. The introductory paragraph is shorter and contains the thesis statement. It has the main focus in the paragraph. The thesis statement is mentioned in the introduction and is elaborated in the body paragraphs. Some writers pen down the body paragraph first and then write the introduction. This is because the introduction is more compact and concrete, while the body paragraphs are more detailed. It is easier to write down the introduction once the body paragraph is written.

Write a Strong Conclusion

It is often said that the concluding note should be impactful. If you are wondering how to write a perfect essay, then don’t forget to write the best conclusion. A strong conclusion restates the thesis and allows you to have new thoughts regarding the subject. It opens up new horizons and avenues of thinking. A compelling essay is one that has a strong conclusion, reinstating the facts presented in the essay and emphasizing the points mentioned in the essay. Make sure the essay you have written has a strong conclusion.

We hope these essay writing tips will help you write a great essay in no time. Make sure to deliver a top-quality essay within the given time frame. Don’t forget to write essays that have a good intro, body, and conclusion. Essays backed with factual evidence and appropriate sources have greater value than the ones stating your personal opinion.

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