5 Reasons to Order an Essay from Writing Services Instead of Freelancers

Writing essays on your own is great. It is truly beneficial in many ways, and it’s also the most honest way to complete your assignments. Everyone should write their own essays when it’s possible. But sometimes, it’s just not an option. 

In such cases, a desperate student has two main options: to hire a freelance writer to handle the assignment or turn to online essay service, also known as write my paper service. The latter is generally a better choice, and in this article, we’re going to explain why exactly.

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What Is an Essay Writing Service? 

If it’s the first time you find yourself in need of essay help, you might not know what an essay writing service is. In short, it’s a company providing academic writing as well as editing and proofreading assistance to students in need.   

Are Essay Writing Services Legit? 

In most countries, including the US, UK, and Canada, essay writing companies are totally legit. They are officially registered and work under standard rules and regulations. 

However, there also are many fraudulent companies on the market. They pop up regularly, and if you don’t do your research before choosing a website to order your paper from, you can easily get scammed by one of such one-day “companies”. 

Is It Okay to Use Essay Help?  

Even if you choose to go with a totally legit essay help company (or a conscientious freelancer, for that matter), you still might feel some moral qualms due to failing to complete the task on your own. At least, many students do. 

However, thousands of them are forced by circumstances to use writing services every once in a while, anyway. And the reasons why they do so are quite respectful. Surely, there are also lazy students who just don’t want to do their tasks themselves. But if you’re not one of them, there’s no reason to feel guilty about occasionally using essay help. 

Still, the question remains: why is it better to go for an essay help company instead of a freelancer? 

Essay Writing Services vs. Freelance Writers 

There are plenty of reasons why using an essay writing service is generally preferable. Listed below are the most important ones. 

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Experienced Writers 

Trustworthy writing companies have a rigorous selection process and only hire professional writers with sufficient experience. They check every applicant’s credentials and regularly run a series of tests to make sure the writers qualify for their job. 

With a freelancer, you never know. Though it is surely possible to find a qualified and experienced freelance writer, you’ll most likely spend much more time and effort looking for one and checking credentials than if you order a paper from a reliable service. 

Moreover, such companies usually have large pools of writers with various academic degrees majoring in different disciplines. So, when you need a writer, you can simply specify the task, and the staff will do the rest of the job for you. 


Working with an established company is usually more convenient than with a freelancer. Undoubtedly, there are reliable freelance authors, too, but as a rule, a student help service is more likely to be able to meet all your needs. 

This is all the more important when you have pressing deadlines and need to have your paper delivered within days. Then, there are also such conveniences a big company can offer as:

  • a user-friendly website;
  • various payment methods available;
  • 24/7 customer support.   

Many Services in One Place 

Writing services provide more than essay help nowadays: the best of them are actually one-stop-shops for students. They offer not only academic paper writing help but also professional editing and proofreading, homework help, and more. 

This means you don’t have to spend any more time on research once you find a reliable service. And as already mentioned, it is very convenient. 

What’s more, some student help companies also have informative blogs with lots of professional writing, editing, formatting and research tips that will come in handy if you plan to hone your own skills.  

Flexible Pricing  

Some students argue that ordering from a freelancer is generally cheaper because companies have lots of expenses to cover which inevitably affects their prices. But that is only true to a certain extent. 

As writing services undoubtedly have more customers than freelancers, they can offer flexible pricing and various bonuses, especially to their loyal customers. Of course, quality essay help can’t be super cheap, it’s rather a troubling sign. However, ordering from a professional service is not always way more expensive than working with a freelancer.   

More Guarantees 

Finally, ordering a paper from a legit essay writing service is simply safer as such companies provide guarantees that the majority of freelance writers don’t. 

First of all, any reliable company that cares for its reputation has its refund policy in case your assigned writer fails to deliver the task on time. Moreover, you can always contact customer support if anything goes wrong – for example, when you’re not satisfied with the quality of the draft your assigned writer provides. 

Generally speaking, you’re just less likely to face a situation when the due date has arrived and you still don’t have your final draft, and you don’t know what to do.   

Wrapping Up  

To sum things up, it’s easier, safer, and more convenient to order academic papers from student help services as compared to freelancers. However, it’s crucial to check the company’s background and customer reviews before making your choice, as there are plenty of scams on the market.  


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