5 Benefits of Referring NCERT Text Books for CBSE Board Exams

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What is the Role of NCERT?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous organization of the Indian Government. NCERT has been assigned the role of expanding and distributing textbooks to the students at the primary as well as secondary level. These books provided by NCERT are highly useful, especially NCERT solutions for class 10 maths is one of the best study materials for board examinations and students can score really well using this study material. Let us explore some of the benefits of NCERT textbooks through this blog.

How do NCERT Books help students?


Do NCERT books help students to score well in the exams? Well, the answer yes. It is said that NCERT books are all-inclusive and practical in their sense and the CBSE board will hardly ask anything beyond these books. The students should read and study without leaving any topics from these books in detail. As far as other published books are concerned, there is no damage in studying from them, but students should be more than 100% sure that they have covered every single line from NCERT textbooks. Before referring to other books, students should completely study and examine the NCERT books.

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 5 Major Benefits of Referring to NCERT Textbooks

  1. Give students an in-depth understanding of complex concepts.

The NCERT books are designed for all students and grades. No matter what their level of intelligence and understanding. NCERT textbooks are meant to clarify and polish the student’s doubts, subjects and give them a solid understanding of difficult topics and subjects.

  • Most of the CBSE Board questions are selected from NCERT textbooks.

The CBSE Board selects and picks most of their questions provided in the NCERT textbooks. The students should refer to NCERT textbooks and be thorough with their curriculum. Students should read and study these books carefully and with complete concentration because nothing beyond these books is asked by the CBSE Board.

  •  NCERT textbooks use simpler language than other published books

The books prescribed by CBSE Board that are the NCERT textbooks, are well written and published in a very simple and effective language. This makes it easier and simpler for all the students to understand the subjects and topics covered. The other published books often confuse the students with a lot of examples and binary meaning languages. That is why students should prefer NCERT textbooks rather than other books.

  • NCERT books clear your concepts and doubts perfectly

The CBSE Board suggests that the ideal way of studying for the CBSE Board exams is to first study NCERT textbooks line by line. This will clear the concepts very clearly. The students should prepare extra notes alongside while studying with the help of NCERT textbooks. Important points should be written down so that revision of these points becomes easier. NCERT books give students a better understanding of topics. Students can use the other side books as a second option, but NCERT textbooks should always remain the first choice.

  • NCERT books are the ideal way to score higher marks in CBSE boards

As these NCERT textbooks are prescribed by the CBSE Board itself, the questions for the exams are selected and picked up from these textbooks only. NCERT textbooks cover a wide range of topics and thus are enough for any student to score a handsome percentage in exams. The students just need to practice and solve all the back questions provided in the NCERT textbooks.


There is no harm in using additional textbooks or reference books. NCERT books should be the first choice of students to study for CBSE boards. NCERT books will help the students score exceptionally well in their examinations. NCERT books are the best way to study for your exams and will help the students grasp complex topics quickly and easily.

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