24 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money in College

As a student, you are looking for ways to make extra money while in school. It doesn’t have to do with whether your parents always end your money regularly or you are on a scholarship, everyone needs an additional source of income. There is a sense of confidence that comes with working for your money, it shows that you can be independent without having to rely on anyone for your financial need.

Ways to Make Extra Money in College

Studying alone is not easy and it can even become more difficult if you are broke. The funniest part is you can have enough money that you need today, and the next day, you go broke, that’s money for you.
This is why you should always be prepared for whatever lies ahead.

This article has been put together for you to have various money-making options, and you can choose the one that is suitable for you.

How to Make Extra Money in College

1. Proofreading and Freelance Writing

As a student, it’s easy to make money by freelance writing, especially if your skills are quick and efficient.
There are many ways to freelance on blogs and websites. Many companies are seeking different types of writing such as technical writing and how-to guides.
Look at Upwork to get started. Search for freelance jobs and then apply. You can proofread websites, blogs, and authors from your home. This allows you to be flexible while you study. Proofreading is a very popular job. You can also do other types of work on freelance websites, including accounting and legal aid.

2. Be a Virtual Assistant

As a student, you can earn money online as a virtual assistant. Many businesses and individuals are outsourcing their administrative tasks, such as email, organization, research, and other tasks. Virtual assistants can make a few hundred dollars per month if this interests you. You will need a computer, which you most likely have, and the ability to devote a certain amount of time per week to administrative work.

3. Do Online Tutoring

You might consider tutoring students who have difficulty with certain subjects if you are a good teacher. You can find clients easily and make decent money if you charge a fair rate. You can also tutor online, but tutoring does not have to be done in person. You can, for example, teach English online at a reasonable hourly rate, whether one-on-one or in small groups.

4. Edit Cover Letters/Resumes

Surprisingly, many people have trouble writing good resumes. Writing resumes online can earn you between $20-25 an hour. This is a great option for students who are good at writing and you can do it for as many as possible.
Just ensure that you do a great job because some might decide to refer you when they see how good your work is. You can also have a returning client who would want to give you another job.
Find clients by posting on Facebook in school-related groups, or hanging flyers in dining rooms. For a service such as this, word-of-mouth marketing can be very powerful.
Tell your friends and tell them to help others with their resumes. You will be busy in spring with many people applying for jobs or summer internships. But this side hustle could bring in solid income all year.

5. Assist in Carrying out Research

A research assistant is a job that allows you to interact with students, while still working with professors. The professor and department you work for will determine what your duties are as a research assistant.
You might be responsible for performing or monitoring experiments, cleaning and preparing equipment, or collecting samples if you are working in science.

6. WorK in Campus Dining

If you have special cooking skills, you might be interested in working at campus dining. This job can include anything from stocking the stations in cafeterias to serving french fries at midnight on Saturdays at the campus late-night eatery. It is possible to spend hours on your feet, use a hairnet and work odd hours, so be prepared for this.
Once you are hired, your training will include proper food handling as well as local health codes.

7. Get paid for taking People on Campus Tours

A campus tour guide job is a great option if you are outgoing and enjoy your college.
You will have the primary responsibility of showing prospective students and their families around campus. Your experience will be shared with the freshmen to help them decide whether your school is right for them. This could be a seasonal job that offers more work in the warmer months. You may be able to combine this job with another part-time job if you are looking for a steady income during the semester.

8. Work as a Freelance Tutor

Although tutoring is available on campus at the tutoring centre, the average pay is just above the minimum wage. You can make more money by tutoring elsewhere if you have the right skills. You can be a freelance tutor and charge your rates.
While tutoring college students might be an option, the best opportunity is to tutor younger students. Their parents will pay for this, and they do so well.

9. Paint or Design House

Are you a painter? You will see some of your colleagues who would want to paint their house. Some school staff also might want to change their house paint, ensure that you speak to them. If you have a good house for design, you can also let them know about it. The main thing is that you must be ready to promote your business so that enough people can know about you.

10. Sell and Design T-shirts

T-shirt sales were once difficult. You had to design the shirt, get a printer to print it, market them and fulfil orders.
Get creative with your design. Choose something that appeals specifically to you. You can create funny T-shirts that only majors would like.
Make sure to share your designs with family and friends on social media. If you have an online following (Instagram. YouTube. Facebook. TikTok. A blog. Share with your audience

11. Pet Sitting

Pets are important and should be taken care of, even if their owners are away. You can make money and play with animals, or even stay in cool houses free of charge (if your pets require someone to watch them at night). This can also be used to obtain free accommodation while on the road.

12. Babysitting or Nannying

Busy people often need someone to watch their children. You can offer to take up this job if you see any opening. These are the kinds of jobs you do during the holiday period or when you’re not busy with school activities.
You have two options for getting these jobs. To find out if your parents or friends have any need for these services, you can ask around.

13. Become a Personal Trainer

Do you want to share your knowledge on how to get in shape? You can train as a personal trainer. You will need to be certified to become a personal trainer. This can make you more credible to potential clients. You only need to be knowledgeable about safe and effective fitness techniques and be able to share them with others.

14. Work in a Restaurant

As a driver of food delivery, you can work for a restaurant.
You can also check your local restaurants for delivery driver positions. These jobs are quite easy. These jobs allow you to drive around listening to music and podcasts while you deliver orders.
It can also cause significant wear to your car. You might cause more damage to your car if it is older and needs regular maintenance.

15. Be a Social Media Consultant

You can earn money by teaching large companies how to use social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to market their products. It’s not as difficult as it sounds.
You can charge companies for content creation, as long as you know what content is most popular on social media. This service can be offered on a freelance platform or you can pitch your services directly to companies.

16. You can be a Barista or a Bartender

A bartender or barista job is a great opportunity if you enjoy caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. You will learn how to make your favourite drinks, and you’ll meet other people who share your passion for good cocktails.
Both positions have the downside: you might be required to work irregular hours, either in the mornings or at night. If this doesn’t disrupt your sleep or class schedule then you can still make solid tips and leave your shifts with cash in your hand.

17. Be a Ghostwriter

Many people have great ideas and want to share them in the form of a book or blog. However, they don’t have the time or the writing skills to do it themselves. Ghostwriters are here to help.
Ghostwriting is a lucrative career for those who have excellent writing skills and can imitate the voice of a person or brand.
These services can be posted on Upwork and Fiverr or you can contact them directly to offer them.

18. Rent Short-term Apartments

Many Airbnb owners don’t have time or the desire to manage their properties. They might travel frequently or have a job that keeps them busy.
No matter the reason, managing properties can make people’s lives easier and help them earn more. You could do anything, from welcoming guests to your property to cleaning it between their stays.

19. Start a Niche Site

Do you have a passion for a hobby? It’s possible to make a niche website and make money from it. Create a blog about a topic you are familiar with or have learned from others, then drive traffic to the site.
This will allow you to monetize your site via affiliate commissions or ads. If you have a product that you like and would recommend, you can add a link to it and earn a commission for each person who clicks on the link. This is how College Info Geek makes a decent amount of money, and it’s easy to do the same.

20. You can Sell your Study Materials

Your flashcards, class notes, and any other study material that you have created can help students. You’ll also make money. It is difficult to get rid of a college textbook after you have bought it. However, your school may have a newer edition by the time you are done with a book.
If you can sell it, the price will be only a fraction of what it cost you. Unless you find a great deal online through a site such as BookScouter.

21. Sell your Old Gaming Accounts and Assets

You can make money by selling accounts and games you don’t use anymore. There are many gaming sites, such as OwnedCore, that allow you to sell your accounts, power levelling, boosting, and other assets. You can also sell old consoles or games on eBay.

22. Run Facebook Ads for Businesses

Facebook offers an extremely sophisticated advertising platform. Most local businesses don’t know about Facebook ads. However, many online business owners are aware of them and use them. This is why this side hustle is so lucrative.
As a Facebook Ad Specialist, you can help local businesses reach more people or reach a new audience. First, you need to know how to create Facebook advertisements. Facebook’s Business Center offers free training on the basics of managing and creating ads.

23. Be a Brand Ambassador

Many big brands hire college students to help them promote their products on campus. You could earn extra money as a brand ambassador if you are passionate about a product or brand.
Brands may require ambassadors to do college outreach to get students to buy a product. Some brands ask their ambassadors to give out free merchandise at campus events and football games.
You’ll get valuable experience as a brand ambassador which will be a great asset to your resume, especially if it is a future career in marketing.

24. Get a Retail Job

Retail jobs are a great option if you’re willing to work nights and weekends. Retail jobs offer many benefits, including team member discounts. If you don’t take care, you might end up making more at work than you earn.
It might be a good idea to avoid jobs in stores that aren’t interesting to you. You will be able to save more money if you resist the temptation to spend.


The possibilities of making money online while you are still at college are endless. You can only remain stranded financially if decide to be lazy. There is no reason not to look for work. Any of the above options can help you go quickly from a broke college student to a high-earning professional. Maximize this opportunity and who knows if you can build more on it have college.


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