15 Healthy Recipes You can cook with your kids

Kids like to be involved in different activities that keep them busy and cooking is one of the best choices. It is both fun and educational. Cooking with kids helps them develop problem-solving and hand-eye coordination skills, increase confidence and even improve diet quality by encouraging fruit and vegetable intake. For example, young kids can help by washing vegetables and cutting out shapes with cookie cutters while the older ones can do more complex tasks like peeling and/or chopping.

Healthy Recipes

15 Healthy Recipes You can cook with your kids

Here are 15 healthy recipes that you can make with your kids

1. Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are an oatmeal dish that can be prepared ahead and refrigerated overnight with no cooking required. This is very easy to make for kids of all ages and you can make it more fun by letting them choose their different nutrient-dense toppings of seeds, berries, coconuts and nuts. They can also help by measuring or chopping ingredients based on their ages. This helps to teach your kids about the importance of healthy food and nutritious breakfast options.

2. One bowl Banana Bread

Most banana bread recipes require a lot of work that cannot be done by kids and that will also leave your kitchen a mess but this one bowl of banana bread is kid-friendly and requires just one bowl. It is high in protein, fibre, and healthy fats thanks to its almond flour, eggs, and flax meal. As such, it’s sure to keep your little ones satisfied between meals. Also, the dark chocolate chips and banana give this bread a hint of sweetness that your children will love. Your children can help you mash the bananas and fold the chocolate chips into the batter.

3. Noodles With Chicken

If your kids enjoy eating oriental-style dishes, try this Noodles With Chicken recipe. It is both healthy and delicious. It even contains the famous kids favourite, Peanut butter. All you have to do is boil the noodles and the chicken. After that, shred the chicken and mix it into the noodles with the sauce which contains peanut butter, soy sauce and water. It can be prepared by older kids. If your children are still little, they can also prepare it but you will need to supervise them.

4. Mini Eggplant Pizzas

Every child loves pizza but you can use the mini eggplant pizzas to ensure they participate while subtly eating their veggies. It is ideal for kids and parents alike. It uses eggplant instead of pizza dough for the base. Your kids can participate by helping you to spread tomato sauce on the eggplant rounds and top them with cheese. They can also experiment with other different toppings like anchovies or olives.

5. Rainbow spring rolls

Children generally love colourful dishes and this rainbow spring roll is one way to stir up an appetite in your kids. Though many kids dislike veggies, offering them to them in exciting ways might make them more willing to eat them. The translucent rice paper used to prepare these spring rolls allows the colourful ingredients inside to shine through, providing a visually appealing dish or snack for kids.

Your kids can help by using a spiralizer to create long, thin strands of veggies and layering the ingredients in the rice paper shells. They can also help to mix the tasty dipping sauces. Veggies like carrots, zucchini and cucumbers are good choices for spiralizing. If you want, you can give it a dash of protein by adding chicken or shrimp. Also, spring rolls are easy to make and kid-friendly.

6. Mug Pizza

Does your child love pizza? Then you can save your time and money by preparing this tasty little treat. The recipe below is enough for one cup, so just make as many cups as you want. This basic recipe can be tweaked by your child and is the perfect one for getting them all involved in the preparation process. They can each choose whatever toppings they want in their pizza mugs.

7. Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are the perfect go-to for protein and it makes for a quick and healthy breakfast with little effort. All you need to do is mix the ingredients and place them in the microwave. Take a microwave-safe mug and you can make this recipe. All you need is two eggs and some other ingredients to make scrambled eggs and it doesn’t take up to 2 minutes.

8. Banana Strawberry Smoothie

Banana Strawberry smoothie is very rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. It is sure to be a favourite with your kids. It can be prepared in two minutes or less. Just blend the fruits together with milk and sugar. Let it spend some time in the fridge to get it chilled and it’s ready to drink. You can also use it to make a popsicle. Just pour it into the popsicle mould after blending and let it freeze up. It’s a healthy and perfect replacement for stick sweets that are mostly unhealthy.

9. Choco Chip Cake in a Mug

Every child is in love with chocolates and cakes. So this combo is definitely going to be perfect for kids. They simply cannot resist the sight. If your kids are craving cake and there is none at home, they can whip up this recipe. It is basic. You just add chocolate powder to the batter and mix until there are no lumps. Stir in chocolate chips and bake. Sprinkle more choco chips when it’s ready. You and your kids can enjoy this delicacy.

10. Chocolate Banana Sundae

Kids will love Chocolate Banana Sundae. It is also one of the fun ways to make your child eat bananas. It’s very easy to make. Just peel and slice the bananas. After that, scoop some vanilla ice cream into a bowl and layer it with banana slices, chocolate sauce and nuts. Now your mouth-watering chocolate banana sundae.

11. Cheesy Apple Sandwich

An apple sandwich may sound strange but it tasted yum and your kids can whip it up nice and easy. Also, the smell is amazing. Apples are a powerful source of antioxidants so you must try this cheesy apple sandwich recipe. It is also a way for children to subtly eat their fruits.

12. Apple Pie in a jar

This scrumptious recipe makes use of ingredients like eggs, apple, almond flour, and coconut oil to create a sweet yet nutrient-filled, snack-size treat for kids. Also, these mini apple pies are wholesome. Kids can help out by rolling the dough into small individual balls, stirring up the ingredients and assembling the pie jars.

13. Veggie Omelets

Omelettes are quite easy to make and should not be a problem for kids. Also, they learn a lot about cooking by making omelettes. The omelettes are packed with a lot of nutrients that are essential for the growth of your child. The main ingredient, eggs, are often considered nature’s multivitamin. This is because they have numerous vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B12, and E which are all essential for your child’s health. Also, children enjoy cracking the eggs, whisking the ingredients and frying their creations on the stove. They can also add vegetables to give their omelette a health boost and a colourful look.

14. Colourful salad jars

If you have a child who is very picky with what he/she eats, making vegetables more appealing and giving your child frequent chances to try them may promote their veggie intake. Also, making colourful salads with your kids is another sure way because they get to pick the vegetables or the colours they want. Have your little ones help you layer veggies and other healthy ingredients like beans, chicken and eggs in mason jars. Normally, kids will prefer sweet veggies like carrots, corn and sweet potatoes over bitter veggies like brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli but make sure that the salad is a mixture of both. If it is well mixed, the bitter ones will not be obvious. Also, children love to play with colours so it will be fun for them.

15. Frozen yoghurt pops

Most ice creams and yoghurt pops are packed with artificial colourings, sweeteners and a lot of added sugar. Since all these ingredients are not so healthy for your child, you can make your very own version of frozen nutrient-dense, homemade yoghurt pops.  All you need is frozen fruit, protein-packed yoghurt and a bit of honey. It is healthy because it is naturally sweetened. Kids can help with gathering the ingredients, pouring the fruit and yoghurt puree into paper cupcake liners and slotting the tray into the freezer. You can all enjoy your freshly made frozen yoghurt pops.

Benefits of Involving Kids in The Kitchen

  • It will help them not to depend on processed foods.
  • It will help them to be able to make healthy choices with limited sources
  • It will help them to understand the value of food
  • It will help them to be more creative and boost their confidence


Cooking with your kids not only keeps them busy but also teaches them cooking skills and even encourages them to try new, healthy foods. Try involving your kids in the kitchen to make something simple like these ones. Kids learn fast and like to experiment a lot so expect some pretty interesting meals on your dining table.


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