15 Best Movie Streaming Sites

Whether it’s a blockbuster action, or a sci-fi flick, or even a movie premiere that has got the whole world talking, the fact is, not everyone loves the idea of going to the cinema to see movies, and I don’t either

If you are reading this article, I’m guessing you are tired of some movie streaming sites that aren’t giving you what you want, or you don’t know what sites are the best for streaming movies, and your quest to see where you can stream your blockbuster movies has brought you here

15 Best Movie Streaming Sites

Well, Cheers, buddy, you are in the right place.

For some reason, we’d rather stay back and stream our favourite movies from the comfort of our living room, with some delicious cookies to spice things up, than going to the cinema. Sometimes we want to tell our friends, come to my place instead.” 

And come to think of it, nobody loves a spoiler, right? 

We don’t want to be told what happened in the first, second, and third series. We want to be the first to see the movie before everyone else for the sake of our bragging rite.

I have discovered a few reasons why people would instead stream movies than go to the cinema. I mean, the cinema has its limitations

Inability to watch old movies

This is one of the primary reasons why most of us don’t usually go to the cinema. Many beautiful movies were made a couple of decades back and have never been shown in cinemas.

Cost of seeing a movie at the cinema

The cost of seeing a movie is one primary reason people keep searching for the best movie streaming sites. Sometimes you want to see a movie with your spouse or your kids, but the cost alone is enough to discourage you.

Why bother going to the cinema and paying $10 or more per person to watch a movie in a packed cinema full of noisy people when you can see the same film from the best streaming sites at $5 and pause the film when necessary.

Inability to re-watch and discuss certain scenes in a movie

Can you relate to this?

When seeing a movie, certain scenes are just so impressive that you can’t help but rewind to watch that scene the second. Sometimes, when you watch the film with your loved ones, you could decide to pause the movie at some point, discuss a little and even predict how the movie will end. You don’t get these privileges in the cinema.

Have you noticed that the selection of movies at the cinemas sucks at times? But if you are streaming, you can watch virtually anything that catches your fancy.

The flexibility of Space and Time

People don’t joke with their time for some good reasons. Some persons prefer spending their weekends with their family. 

Most persons don’t have the time to drive to the cinema, wait in line, and fiddle on a chair for 2 hours to see a movie.

Sometimes, you close late from work, and you cannot make it to the cinema, you could still meet catch up with the movie in your own comfortable time by just streaming.

To enjoy streaming movies online, you will need a solid internet connection and a large amount of data.

But the challenge now is that not everyone knows how and where they can stream their favorite movies. 

There are numerous streaming sites for watching documentaries, movies, TV shows, but not all of them are worth your data or your subscription, and a few of these sites are illegal.

I have done quality research on the most trusted sites for streaming different TV shows and movies in high quality. The best of them comes with features like:

  • Subtitles in more than language, 
  • Responsive media player with the caption, volume, and display settings
  • amazing user interface
  • The choice to see movies in either light or dark mode.

So whatever your favourite movies are, you can find them on the list of movie streaming sites I will be showing you below. And if you plan on using Kodi to stream movies, check out these kodi 19 addons to help you access all movies from one place.

15 Best Movie Streaming Sites


LookMovie is a website for streaming movies and TV shows in HD and low quality as well. 

If you’ve been looking for free streaming websites that offer premium content, then look no further. LookMovie has all the features you are looking for. 

On LookMovie, you search for movies by multiple genres such as family, action, comedy, fantasy, foreign, romance, science fiction, documentary, and many others. 

If you decide not to search based on genre, you have the option of searching for movies and TV shows based on release year/date and ratings

It also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find what you are looking for within seconds.


Netflix is unarguably one of the most populous websites for watching movies and TV series. It has a rich library of documentaries, TV shows, feature films, anime, and more. Netflix also has a highly excellent user interface. Users are allowed to download their favourite movies and shows to watch offline later.

Did you also know that you can watch Netflix on your Smart TVs, Xbox, Playstation, Blu-ray players, Apple TV, and Chromecast? Netflix beats many sites with these outstanding features. But to enjoy these features, you only pay one fixed monthly fee, which ranges from $8.99 to $17.99 a month.


Almost everyone knows YouTube. Over the years, YouTube has become a household name for streaming high-quality videos at no cost at all. You can access YouTube via a web browser or the YouTube app.

Although YouTube allows ads to display while using the app, you can always skip the advert videos after 5 seconds.


Cmovies is another beautiful website where you can watch movies for free and in HD. It has a user interface that is almost similar to that of Netflix. You can find exciting films and TV shows. Like LookMovies, you can filter movies by their genre, or IMDB rating, and by country as the case may be. The exciting thing about the site is that you can request movies you need but aren’t on the site.


Hulu is a fantastic site with an extensive collection of movies. On Hulu, you have access to thousands of high-quality Hollywood films and TV series. Hulu is in partnership with NBC, ABC Networks, and Fox

Although Hulu is not entirely free, users have the option to start with a free trial. 

The unfortunate thing is that Hulu is only accessible by US residents. But not to worry, if you are a non-US resident, you can access the website with a VPN


YoMovies is one of the best free online movie streaming sites because it allows you to watch movies without registering on the site. You can select its predefined categories like Tamil movies, Punjabi Movies, Top IMDb rating, and more.

With its ad-free and user-friendly interface, YoMovies guarantees that user enjoys their time on the site while watching high-quality movies streamed in HD.


Vumoo is another free site for streaming movies and TV series. Vumoo has a massive collection of films with over 60,000 films arrayed in different catalogues. As usual, you can search for films based on the actor, the movie’s title, and the movie’s genre.

It has a crisp user interface design that makes it easy to search for movies or TV series using the search box.

Tubi TV

With Tubi TV, movie lovers have access to watch thousands of free TV shows and movies online. Most persons prefer Tubi because the rate of ads displayed on the site is low, and no subscription is needed. You don’t need to sign up before you can begin to enjoy its services.

Tubi is also available on many devices like iOS, Apple TV, Xfinity X1, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, Roku, Xbox, and many other devices. 

The only disadvantage with Tubi is that it is restricted to residents of the US only. To use Tubi TV outside the USA, you will need a proxy service or a VPN


Just like the name implies, MoviesJoy gives joy to movie lovers like you. Aside from the fact that you can stream the latest movies and TV series for free, you also watch movies in full HD without any annoying ads. 

MoviesJoy has a friendly user interface, and like most top sites, you can search for movies by their country, genre, year of release, and season. MoviesJoy makes that option available for you with its IMDB rating for movies lovers who prefer watching movies based on the rating.


FMovies is one site that delivers top-quality movies to its users for free. It has a beautiful user interface with a color theme. Movies on FMovies are arranged by anime, most-watched, release year, genre, country, and alphabetical order. You also have the option of requesting for those movies or TV series that aren’t on the site yet.


Popcornflix is a huge name among the best streaming sites. It is one of the famous sites with an extensive array of movies for your streaming pleasure. Unlike the cinemas, you can also stream old movies on PopcornFlix.

For those who love to snack smart with popcorn while streaming their favourite series, PopcornFlix is the go-to place for you. The website has a pleasing design, making it easy for users to explore various sections while using the site.


AZMovies is another free site where you can watch all your favourite movies. Movies come in high definition quality. Right there, on the homepage of AZMovies, you can choose from the array of recently added. Better still, you can search for movies based on the year or genre.

AZMovies witnesses an average of 500,000 visitors every month

Yify Tv (YMovies)

Yify TV is not entirely free; as a visitor to the website, you are entitled to a 30-day free trial. Ymovies has made it easy for movie lovers to search for movies in various ways. You can search through the A-Z listing, Top IMDb rating, by genre or country, and by their release date.

Although it allows ads, it seeks the consent of its users before displaying ads.


YesMovies is a fantastic movie streaming website with a broad filter feature. On YesMovies, you can filter by most viewed genre, country, rating, release year, and quality. Interesting, isn’t it? The one thing I love about this site is that users have the option to both TV shows and movie trailers in HD 


FlixTor is a very secure site where you can watch the latest movies and TV shows for free and without registration. It has various entries classified into anime, series, and films. 

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a unique site that acts like an online TV streaming service. Pluto TV is not only restricted to only movies and TV series. You can also stream documentaries, news, and sports.


Soap2Day is also the go-to place for watching free movies and TV shows online. Although it doesn’t have a broad filter option like most sites, it provides users with the option to search by actors, directors, or movie titles.

The exciting thing about Soap2Day is that, unlike most websites, it is one of those sites that don’t require you to register before starting using the site. And you don’t need to worry about intrusive pop-up ads. The site is free of ads.


NOXX is a beautiful site where you can stream your favourite TV shows in HD without any limit. The interesting about NOXX is that it is free. The website is easy to navigate. From the homepage, you can choose from the featured list or scroll through the timeline.

You can also view shows based on their released dates, and there is a filter feature option if you want to search based on the genre.


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