12 Power Principles for Success by Bob Proctor PDF

12 Power Principles for Success by Bob Proctor PDF

Download 12 Power Principles for Success by Bob Proctor PDF book free. There are very few people alive who have invested more time studying success than Bob Proctor.He has spent almost all day, every day, for thirty-three years analyzing success. Over the years, he has had many failures, but has also had numerous exciting wins on many continents around the world with millions of dollars involved. The wins and the failures have both proven to be extraordinary personal learning experiences.

These are the core lessons that Bob has learned and mastered throughout his illustrious career of dedicated study, rigorous application, trial and error, and, of course, BIG wins. When it comes to systematizing life, no one else can touch him. He is simply the best. Let Bob lead you through his 12 principles for finding success. Instantly apply them to your own life. It will begin to impact you long before your reach the last chapter. Let Bob teach you about:

  • RISK

There are a few people who are truly successful and many others who work hard all of their lives attempting to be successful. As a result, the average person believes that success is hard to obtain and that those who do achieve it are either lucky or extremely brilliant. Most people are so busy attempting to make ends meet that they never take the time to really study the highly successful people. Every person who has made such a study has arrived at the same shocking conclusion: success is merely a decision. You must decide what you want and then begin moving toward it. You decide where you are, and you begin with whatever you have. That’s it.