11 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria 2022

As the world prepares to welcome the year 2022, peoples of different countries and nationalities brace themselves in readiness for better survival opportunities. In Nigeria, one aspect that locals have their eyes on changing come 2022 is the jobs or occupation aspect. A lot of people of working age, at least one-third of the entire population, are jobless, and those who happen to have something doing are underpaid.

Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria 2022
Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria 2022

This is why it is very important for Nigerians because securing a better job means the individual and their family will be able to foot the bill and take care of the needs of themselves and their members in terms of food, shelter, healthcare, education, and other domestic needs and utilities. 

However, on the other hand, not having a job that pays well puts the family or individual at risk of being homeless, starved, sick ridden, and not having the opportunity to go to school or be educated. The reality of working a low-paying job or not having any job at all does not only reduce the quality of life for such individual or family in the time being but also affect their future in a long run. 

As a result of the harshness of the outcome of working low paying jobs in Nigeria, we have compiled, in this article, a list of top-paying jobs to anticipate in 2022 in Nigeria, and these jobs no doubt offer ordinary individuals the chance to lead a better life for themselves and their families. 

1. Surgeon

Surgeons are reputable for collecting huge paychecks every month and this trend is not only applicable in Nigeria but across the globe. Even though this profession has endured as a top-earning one, experts still back it to remain on the top of the highest paying job in Nigeria come 2022. The business of cutting open, replacing body parts, and stitching up of humans is indeed a delicate one needing a lot of guts and a great act of professionalism. The job of surgeons is the most careful job on earth and this is because with them it is always a matter of life and death, so their every decision is priceless. On average, the typical surgeon reportedly earns between #450,000 to #3,000,000 per month.

How Can One Become A Surgeon? 

For Nigerians looking to become a surgeon, they must first be enrolled into a medical school from where they go to a specialized institute to finish up the course – which may take more than 15 years in total.

2. Aeronautical Engineer

If you are wondering who aeronautical engineers are or what they do, well, here is all you need to know about this line of work. Aeronautical engineers are professionals who design the prototype for airplanes, construct, develop and maintain them. All kinds of aircraft including rockets, space crafts, space stations, fighter jets et cetera, are all the accomplishments of aeronautical engineers.

To simply put it, they are the technical geek squad of the aeronautics industry. Although the work of an aeronautical engineer is not valued as much in Nigeria compared to top countries like Russia and United States, professionals in this field are still very much banking in a lot of money by the month. You can expect an aeronautical engineer to earn anywhere from 400 000 nairas to as much as 1 100 000 nairas every month. 

How Can One Become An Aeronautical Engineer?

Aeronautical engineers are in high demand in Nigeria so make the field very open and lucrative to explore. Again this is another job that has been backed by stakeholders to be among the top-earning jobs in Nigeria in 2022, so this might be a very good option for Nigerians who enjoy building machines, constructing, and playing around with contraptions. However, because of its technicality, to become an aeronautical engineer, interested persons must first pass through a dedicated institute of which Nigeria can boast of only a few of them – like the Air Force Institute, Kaduna. 

3. Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director 

The role of the Chief executive officer (CEO) and the Managing Director (MD) are very similar and often weighed as the same. They are often the highest-ranking executive in a company or an organization, and the primary role of this designation is to oversee the day-to-day management of the company per the company’s regulation and sanctioned by the board. CEOs and MDs are carried out corporate and strategic roles of the company and are the ones who shoulder the bulk of the risks. For this reason, their salaries are usually bigger than that of the other workers, typically N380,000 to N1,050,000.

How Can One Become A CEO Or MD?

Earning a bachelor’s degree is the first thing the prospect must do because this is where he gains the relevant knowledge and skills on corporate management and leadership going forward. This typically takes between 3 and 5 years to complete, after which the prospect can then get a job and work his way to MD or CEO of his organization. 

4. Software Developer

Software developer job, as is with other tech jobs, are gradually climbing up the ladder of highest paying jobs in Nigeria, and by 2022, it is expected to see more improvement and growth in terms of salary. Software developers are people who create and design computer software and get to start running. Software developers can also be called software engineers. They design programs, fix software issues, run diagnostics et cetera. The job is very technical and is also in high demand in Nigeria. The salary range for this job should receive a boost in 2022 and should start from N150, 000 to N480, 000. 

How Can One Become A Software Developer?

For starters, getting a degree in computer science is vital, but these days it is possible to learn the art through practical skills and learning of programming languages relevant to a certain software issue. A point to note if you are interested in this field is that the job often adjusts with innovations in the tech industry, so prospects should have their minds ready and open to learning more and improving with the trends. 

5. Pilot

Everybody dreams about flying and being free as a bird and the pilot job seems like one of the few professions that can fulfil that fantasy for us. Being a pilot is not only as exciting as seeing the world from a top-end position, but also one that promises decent pay for those working it. You can be sure to count the pilot job as one another aviation-related job that will be up there ok the list of high-paying jobs for 2022 in Nigeria. Pilots are generally trained to fly planes, helicopters, and other aircraft for a living. For their paycheck, they get from N320, 000 to N1 000, 000 per month. 

How Can One Become A Pilot?

First, you must attend a specialized aircraft school that may take between 3 and 5 years to complete. It is in this school that you learn all the technicalities of the job, as you get to also practice flying planes in real-time.

6. Medical Doctor 

Take nothing away from this profession because it will always find a way to be there among the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria in 2022. Even though we have a doctor profession being flooded over the years, individuals working this job are still relatively well-off compared to jobs in other fields. Medical doctors are of different kinds and specialities, but their trademark job is to offer care and treatment plans to their patients. Doctors’ pay depends largely on their speciality, but on average, a typical doc gets from around N330, 000 to N1, 300, 000 in Nigeria. 

How Can One Become A Doctor?

Becoming a doctor generally takes up at least six years of your life and could be more depending on your area of specialization. The more delicate and complicated the medical area is, the more time you will be required to spend learning and mastering it, and this makes all the more sense because doctors’ decisions daily can be the difference between life and death for the patient.

7. Lawyer 

Like medical doctors, lawyers have also persevered at the top in the Nigerian job clime and would still hold their own as a high-paying job in 2022 according to expert predictions. In Nigeria, several hundred are graduated yearly and are called up to bar, still, the potential of eating decent pay per mount is very possible as it used to be. Lawyers are the ones who sit in court to defend their clients and prevent them from going to jail or being fined. A lawyer’s salary range begins from N150 000 to N950 000. 

How Can One Become A Lawyer?

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in law is always the first step to take. This usually takes up to seven years including your service at the bar. Then concentrate on being the best possible lawyer that you can be and try to win as many cases as you get as this comes with popularity and more money. 

8. Judges

Just as the surgeon is a high-level medical staff, the judge is to the lawyers, but they are not quite the same. To qualify for a judge in Nigeria a lawyer must have been a law practitioner for not less than 10 years. The role of the judge is to hear cases and pleas and decide justice, per the nation’s constitution. Their pay averages around N280 000 to N2, 400 000 per month, with the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) earning far more than other judges.

How Can One Become A Judge?

The route to becoming a judge is not different from those of the lawyer. A law degree is always the first step, followed by a consistent practising of law job for at least ten years before which you can qualify for elevation to the position.

9. Bank Manager

It is not easy to be that person in charge of taking the risks of holding and managing millions, maybe even billions, of naira for other corporate businesses and organizations, but this is what a typical bank manager does for a living. You would imagine that if the risk is that much, the pay should also be something encouraged. However, on the trajectory of jobs and their salaries, the bank manager job will be among the good-paying jobs in Nigeria in 2022. Bank managers typically bank home between 290 000 to 920 000 per month, however, a regional branch manager can earn even more. 

How Can One Become A Bank Manager?

As with most professions, getting a bachelor’s degree is a must, and this takes the usual duration of 3 to 5 years. After you gain this application and get a job in any Bank of your choice. Kickstart your career and gain on-the-job experience. Improve yourself by learning some relevant skills in IT, management, and leadership. Apply for the manager position when you notice there is an opening.

10. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are among those who manage a massive cashout in the Nigerian job clime and will set to continue their high-pay earning streak well into 2022. Similar to your normal engineers, petroleum engineers specialize in resigning, drilling, construction, and maintenance of oil factories and industries. A typical petroleum engineer with a popular oil company such as shell could be amassing as much as 12 million nairas every year. On average expect workers in this field to earn between 230 000 to 1 020 000 nairas every month. 

How Can One Become A Petroleum Engineer?

Get a degree in engineering, preferably a petrochemical degree. This will take you as much as 5 to 6 years of study and practice. Search and behind working with a reputable company and sweep in the money.

11. University Lecturer/ Professor

The university professor earns a huge amount in salary and will continue to do so in 2022. Professors are veteran teachers in universities, colleges, and other higher institutions. Becoming a professor is not as easy as the name sounds so that should justify the huge paycheck they get for working the job and getting to that level. According to collated salary scale, professors can earn as much as 395 000 to 850 000 per month. 

Before getting to the level of a Professor, one would usually pass through the lecturer stage and climb his way up the professor ladder. These are teachers imparting knowledge to students in tertiary institutions. 

How Can One Become A Professor?

As usual, get a degree in any field. Apply and get a job as a lecturer. Climb up the ladder by getting your master’s degree and PhD. Make sure to contribute meaningfully to the academic community by publishing books, journals, and other research articles. Appeal to be acclaimed one.

11. Entertainer

Entertainment is becoming the hotspot in our present day, and with the explosion of the internet and social media, workers under this category now have the potential to earn more. In this category, there is musicians, movie stars or actors, comedians, footballer, dancers et cetera. They make you laugh, portray reality in a most exaggerated way to create empathy in you. They do just about anything to keep you happy and in a better mood. Although it may become mostly hard and challenging to establish oneself as a popular entertainer, when one does so, there is enough penny to rain down for all the effort. By 2022, the average entertainer is expected to earn anywhere from 187 000 to 512 000 a single month. 

How Can One Become An Entertainer?

Unlike all the others, getting a degree is not all that important, but it is relevant to at least be able to read and write. The most important thing for the entertainer is talent, the continuous honing of it. Steady practice and management – including publicity and sponsorships – are very paramount to getting to the top of this industry.

Final Words

The outbreak of COVID-19 is tipping the scales of the highest paying jobs by gradually overseeing a salary growth for tech skills such as Project Management, IT Support, and Software Development among others, and experts expect this field to vie for the top spot with medical and engineering professions.

Although these jobs are promising and the pay mouthwatering, Nigerians should know that getting them requires putting in a lot of dedication and effort into improving oneself through education and soft skill learning, as these are the only ways they can get these jobs and perform well at it.


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