10 Highest Paying Courses In Nigeria In 2022

If you are looking to study a course in Nigeria in 2022, there are a few courses that can offer you the possibility of earning a high-paying salary upon completion. Aiming for the highest paying courses in Nigeria in 2022 should be on your to-do list for 2022, and this is because Nigeria is one of the toughest countries to survive in, and its no news that the majority of its citizens are poor and are in the habit of struggling for a better life daily.

Highest Paying Courses In Nigeria In 2022

As an individual living in Nigeria and having the desire to learn something new, this is something that has the potential to transform your salary expectation, so, going for these courses is a very good option for you. Also, maybe you are a parent or guardian, and you are scouting for the best courses to enroll your child or ward in, these courses we will be overviewing further into this article are the best ones to consider because they guarantee decent pay and a comfortable living for you and your loved ones. In this article, we have carefully observed past and recent trends to put together the 10 Highest paying courses worth studying in Nigeria in 2022, to help you and your ward get off to a good start as to where the momentum is gathering, and heavy paycheck headed.

Here is the list of the 10 Highest paying courses in Nigeria for 2022.

1. Medicine And Surgery

Medicine and surgery are some of the few courses in Nigeria that offer the student guaranteed employment upon completion, and this is because Nigeria is well popular with several million people needing the attention of one specialized doctor or the other. This course graduates surgeons and medical doctors of all specialties – like psychiatrists, gynecologists, orthodontists, pediatricians et cetera, whose primary job is to treat and care for the ill. The reason medicine and surgery are on the list of the highest paying courses in Nigeria in 2022 is not a coincidence and goes well beyond the assurance of employment.

Students who graduate from courses under this discipline are certain to become some of the most important and well-respected people in society, like the doctors and surgeons, who save lives and care for the sick. Also, bagging a degree and certification from medicine and surgery automatically assures you of a better life because you become entitled to receive better pay. As per payment, Glassdoor estimates that a professional in this field such as a general surgeon receives between N550, 000 to N3, 000, 000, while medical doctors stand to earn from NGN 350 000 to 550 000 per month.

Where Can One Work As A Medical Doctor?

A qualified medical doctor can work anywhere including hospitals, schools, government ministries and parastatals, corporate institutions, private agencies, and NGOs. Medical doctors are not limited by where to work because they deal directly with humans therefore any establishment that is made up of humans requires the services of a medical doctor.

2. Computer Science Engineering

With the explosion of the internet and the World Wide Web, this course has grown exponentially in the last couple of years and is now vying for a space at the top for 2022 highest paying courses because of its relevance in today’s digital world.  Typically, computer science engineering as a course of study includes the study and mastering of computer hardware and software. For the hardware part, students focus on developing, designing, assembling, and maintenance of the physical components of the computer. For software-specialized students, skills such as designing, programming,  building, and installing computer applications and programs are their focus. A student taking up this course may have to choose to specialize in either of the two, but whatever the pick is, the course promises high-end skills learning and a great salary when completed successfully. Software and hardware engineers typically earn between N285, 000 to N520, 000 per month.

Where One Can Work As A Software or Hardware Engineer?

Employment for a graduate who has the skills and certification of a computer engineering course is very easy, and the reason is that the course is in high demand in Nigeria right now. Qualified candidates can work under any business establishment, government or private firms, laboratories, and manufacturing industries et cetera.

3. Aerospace Engineering

Aeronautical or aerospace engineering is another branch of engineering that has proven to be highly lucrative in past years and looks to continue into 2022 as one of the highest paying courses to study in Nigeria. Aerospace engineering is vast and covers large areas of study such as satellites studies, military aircraft studies, spacecraft, missiles, and commercial aircraft studies.

Other endeavors under this course include – aeronautical, astronautical, robotics, aero-structural design, fluid flow, and communication. Typical work professionals in this course perform include; designing and manufacturing components, testing designs, assembling and evaluating components and equipment. A qualified practitioner of this course can earn from NGN 400 000 to as much as NGN 1 100 000 every month in 2022.

Where Can One Work As An Aerospace Engineer?

The Nigerian aviation industry has an abundance of opportunities for the skillful and certified aerospace engineer of any given qualification. The most important thing for the student is to focus on completing their program and get certified as the course is in demand and there has little or no risk of the student being unemployed after school.       

4. Pharmacy

Enrolling your child or ward (or even opting to get the degree yourself) to study pharmacy in the university is maybe the biggest investment you would have to make in terms of studies. A graduate of this course is called a pharmacist and the description of the job is as rewarding as it is high paying – no wonder it makes the list of the highest paying courses in Nigeria in 2022.

Pharmacy, as a course, equips the students on how to make and produce drugs that help cure the sick. Pharmacy is vast and competitive, but every it manages to always come up as one of the well-paid courses, and the reason includes; it offers one the certification to start their pharmaceutical practice or take up a well-paying job at an existing company or firm. As regards their paycheck, an average pharmacist can earn around N320, 000 to N510, 000 monthly.

Where One Can Work as a Pharmacist?

Because they have the license, pharmacists can choose to work for themselves by opening a pharmaceutical outlet or being employed by a government or private own company.

5. Law

Like medicine and surgery, law, as a course, has survived the test of time and is still turning up at the top of Nigerian courses that can earn scholars under it and an incredible amount of pay, plus on-the-job prestige. For the student, the law is a course that avails the opportunity to study the constitution, know them, and become a certified legal practitioner able to defend clients in the court of law.

Again, this course is very competitive and already has a large population of graduates, but it can still be a worthwhile course to opt for these reasons. First, it offers you the opportunity to do other legal side hustles – like opening your chamber, serving as a legal adviser for multiple individuals and companies, or taking up a good job offer at a government or private establishment.  If everything goes well, your side jobs alone should rake in millions for you. In terms of pay, a typical lawyer receives between 220 000 to 485 000 per month.

Where Can One Work as a Lawyer?

It is very simple, open up your law firm using your license and employ other lawyers to work under you, or get a job under the federal government or other private organizations.

6. Petrochemical Engineering

By the name alone, this is one course that puts itself out there as a high-paying course, and the reason is clear; it deals with the mechanics of mining and exploration of crude oil resources. Parents who are looking for a good course that offers an even better salary and allowances for their kids come 2022, should go for petrochemical engineering because this is what prepares them to work in oil companies across Nigeria or even abroad.

The programs they would be thought of under this course include; designing contraptions, maintenance, drilling, and extraction of oil among other things. A successfully certified petrochemical engineer can earn as much as  NGN 495 000 to 1 800 000 in Monthly salary and allowances.

Where Can One Work as a Petrochemical Engineer?

A petrochemical engineer can work in ant of the oil companies in Nigeria and abroad including Shell and Chevron. Even for entry-level workers, the pay is massive and the allowances are interesting. However, the downside to studying this course is that it does not offer the license to start your practice, so if even you are unable to secure a job with the government or other international firms, you may not yield anything with the certificate.

7. Economics

In all social sciences, Economics is one course that can not be left out when compiling the list of highest paying courses in Nigeria 2022. Economists are certified Economics graduates, and their work is majorly about assisting the government or NGOs to solve the problem using their social researching ability in quantitative and qualitative approaches to track resources production, distribution, and returns.

They combine past trends with current happenings to predict the outcome of the national and international markets and advise the government, or their NGOs on the best move to make at any given economic time. Students hoping to be enrolled in this course should be interested in topics such as taxation, inflation, market-entry, profit and loss, international politics, stock exchange etcetera. Certified professionals here will earn more if they work for the government but on average should expect to earn from NGN 275 000 to 1 200 000.

Where Can One Work as an Economist?

Government ministries, such as Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), or other NGOs are the best places for the economist to ply his trade. Also, an economist can become a consultant to multiple firms in addition to their normal job.

8. Civil Engineering

There are several lucrative engineering courses to offer in higher institutions, and civil engineering is one of them. Through expert salary feedbacks from reputable sources, we have found civil engineering to be among the highest paying jobs in Nigeria in 2022. The course is highly courted and demands hard works when gotten, but every sweat dropped for it will surely be worth it in the end.

Civil engineers are skilled with the ability to do jobs including; building and maintaining bridges, constructing airports, railways, roads amongst other things. Their salary starts from NGN 265 000 to 850 000.

Where Can One Work as a Civil Engineer?

A civil engineer is qualified to work under any of the various construction companies available in the country. They are also liable to benefit from a plethora of seasonal government or private contracts and other similar projects.

9. Foreign Language

This may not look like the typical high-paying jobs but on the contrary, studying a foreign language as a course in college can open a wide range of high-paying job opportunities within and across Nigeria. The world is increasingly becoming more global by the day, and people who find themselves having the ability to communicate and complete tasks in multiple languages other than English are in high demand, and jobs look for them everywhere across the globe.

Learning languages like Hungarian, Mandarin, or German are high-paying skills and could earn you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars as a side job while you are busy also doing your main job with a private firm or government agency. A foreign language graduate who has an improved skill set in multiple languages can earn from NGN 302 000 to 1 310 000 or more every month.

Where Can One Work AS A Foreign Language Expert?

A foreign language graduate or expert can work with any private firm or with government parastatals where they mostly do transcription and interpretation jobs. Additionally, they can earn more from doing jobs of this nature as a freelancer, and can even make more than their monthly salary from outsourced orders.

10. Accountancy

This is another one of the social sciences course that has the assurance of producing a fat paycheck when the student complete it and get certified. The market is large for accountancy, and the demand is high for accountants. This is why we can not leave this course out of the list of the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria in 2022. Government agencies are always on the lookout for certified auditors to scrutinize their projects, and private corporations seek an accountant to manage their finance.

Another plus for the accountancy graduate is that there is a list of similar short-term courses they can also take up to boost their salary expectation. Some of these short-term courses in chartered Accountancy include; CPA, CMA, ACC among others. As per salary, an average accountant should earn between NGN 265 000 to 480 000 per month.

Where Can One Work as an Accountant?

Qualified accountants can work in any kind of firm, whether privately owned or government-owned. They can also build a reputation for themselves through consultancy and other similar services for which they can offer and are certified.


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  1. This is so not true. Infact it’s false. Review these salaries because no professional earns more than 200k and that’s when you’ve advanced. Lawyers, accountants and co earn even 30k while some pharmacists earn 50k so do a better research.


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