10 Easy Ways to Get New Customers for Your Business

What if I showed you a simple trick that could help you attract more customers and triple your sales in the next 48 hours?

I know you’re excited about starting a new business. Well, that’s not a big deal. Anyone can start a business too. 

In fact, in today’s world, anyone can start a business if they can create a product that helps people solve a particular problem.

Ways to Get New Customers for Your Business

However, the challenge lies in getting customers that suit your business type because running a business goes beyond having an excellent product. If you are unable to get customers for your business, you could quickly get frustrated.

Despite having beautiful products and services to offer, I’ve seen many businesses struggle to find people who would patronize them. Some barely even get orders. 

As much as I know, this can be traced to something you are not doing right on your social media page or your website. The competition in the digital landscape has skyrocketed. With the rise in Facebook ads, the cost per click Google ads. It is fiercely competitive to get customers these days. It would be best if you had a clear-cut and realistic strategy to pull in customers and revenue for your business continuously. if you can’t, your competitors will swallow you, and you will end up using your money

Imagine you invested much capital in starting your business, say a home cleaning service. And by all indications, you are confident the business is going to yield significant returns.

Finding customers for your business is a two-way thing. In getting customers, you must discover who they are and then find out where they are. Whether you are thinking of starting a business or owning one already, you are searching for ways to get customers. Look no further.

In this article, you will discover easy and realistic ways to get the right customers. I will not just focus on how you get customers, and I will also show you where to find them and how you can constantly attract new customers no matter your business type. 

You will also learn ways you can turn website or page visitors into paying and recurring customers. 

How to find customers for your business

Usually, anyone can figure out whom they want to sell to, but often they get stuck trying to figure out where those customers are and how they can attract them to their business.

The internet is such a powerful tool for any business type, and if you can understand where your ideal customers are, you can quickly figure out the easiest ways to pull them to your business.

To find your customers, you must answer these simple questions:

Who are your ideal customers?

Whenever a business owner comes to me for strategies on how to get new customers, I always ask them this question, and it is one question you cannot skip if you genuinely want to get new customers for your business. Sometimes I get a response like, “my target market is men from ages twenty-five to forty who make a hundred dollars a year”. 

Before you can find new customers, first and foremost, you need to understand who your customers are clearly. To know who your target market is, you will need to do some market research. Attracting new customers goes beyond the product; you need to pay attention to their needs and how your product or service can help solve their problems.

Where do your customers hang out?

Your ideal customers are real people. To find them, you need to look at their actual behaviour. Find out where they hang out online. What blogs do they read? Where do they most of their time? Are they on social media, what Facebook group do they follow? It might take you some time to find the correct answers to this question, but if you can answer them correctly, it would be easy to know where these new customers are and how you can redirect their attention to your business.

Ten ways to get new customers for your business

Every business owner desires to be successful, remain in business, and stay in business, and you need a steady influx of new customers. No matter the small or large your business is, you need to know how to attract customers to your business.

Here are ten ways you can get the attention of new customers.

Offer Discounts and Promos to new customers only

People naturally love discounts because it helps them save money and access an extensive product at a very cheap rate.

Offering Discounts and promos to new customers is a compelling way to attract new customers to your business. Give them something big at a price that will leave them amazed. When you do this, you are simply diverting attention from your customers to that of your business.

Your promotions could come in the form of a reward for subscribing or buying a single item. From time to time, create enticing offers. You can leverage important dates and events like Christmas and Halloween to promotions.

Depending on your type of business, you could decide to give them free samples of your product or some advice or consultation. Sometimes running a giveaway on your social pages can rapidly draw in clients. 

Referrals and affiliate marketing

One better way to attract new customers to your business is by using existing ones. You can integrate a referral strategy into your sales process. To make your referral strategy more effective, it should come with a reward or some incentives for existing customers. 

These incentives could be cash rewards, physical gifts, or even airtime vouchers. Just make sure it is enticing to them because you must have something to give back in return to get valuable customer referrals. You could also develop a 2-for-1, “buy one, get one free” kind of offer.

Similar to the referral strategy is the “bring a friend” deal.  

Leverage on reviews and testimonials

Social proofs and testimonials are potent tools in any business. It is a widespread phenomenon that people buy from whom they know, like and trust. And one way to establish trust is to showcase reviews from people whose product has helped solve their problem. 

New customers can easily get attracted and convinced when they see that your product can also help them achieve their desires. The testimonies could be a short quote, case study, interview with existing customers, etcetera. Link them to your website, adverts and social media posts.

If your social proofs are convincing enough, your customers will most likely give your business a try.  

Be consistent with content marketing

Content marketing cannot be taken away from any business. It is one of the cheapest means of attracting new customers. 

Most businesses use content marketing to attract new leads and also reinforce positive connections with their target market. It can pull generate 10x as many new customers as other marketing methods.

Keep your social media pages updated with new content to remain active and relevant and active in your industry.

You can use content marketing to guide your ideal customers through different stages of their journey. When you are consistent with publishing new content and revamping old content, you will keep your business continuously in the face of your prospects.

Re-target old customers

Whenever a customer patronizes your business, don’t let them go away just like that. Get in touch with customers who have done business with you but haven’t returned in a while. One way to effectively do re-targeting is to set up an email marketing campaign for your business. You could also reach out to them using texts, a cold message or even a phone call.

Your existing customers are instrumental to finding a new customer. Your current customer could be in the best place to reach out to; they are like the ambassadors of your business. They have bought from, and a stand a greater chance to give recommendations, their honest word of mouth can help increase your customer already.

Expand your network

Networking is one crucial skill for every entrepreneur. It is more than just going out to meet people. Networking involves getting to know people who will most likely do business with you or perhaps introduce you to those who will. 

There is no better to get new customers than to meet new people. When you meet people, tell them about your business and the service you offer. I always tell business owners that networking with industry fellows is another way to stay up to date with industry news. You can try it.

Host an event

Hosting events is another way to trigger excitement in your prospects’ minds and attract new customers to your business. Whether you want it to be physical or virtual, you need to develop event ideas to make people want to attend your event.

The event could come in various forms. For example, it could be about teaching new customers how to use a product. It could also be a question and answer session or a product launch. 

There is various medium available for you. There are live streaming features on Instagram and Facebook, and you could use them to promote your business and shoot for new customers. When you host an event, you give potential customers the real-life opportunity to connect with your business. 

 Offer services for free

Another realistic way to get customers quickly is by offering them a free trial of your product. 

You can allow customers to try out samples of your product. By giving them a free trial of your product, you show them the value of what you can offer. It could also convince your ideal customer that price is insignificant for a good-tasting product. You could either provide services or products in exchange for a customer’s review

Successful marketers understand that one way to attract and keep customers is to repeat sales of quality products. Your customer is the lifeblood of your business. So it is crucial you keep them satisfied all the time with your quality products and delivery

Partner with other businesses

Sometimes not everyone in your line of business is a direct competitor. The chances are that your ideal customers are hanging out on the pages of other businesses. You can team up with other businesses that have the same customer base as yours. Draw out strategies that can smoothly divert the attention of your customers. 

For instance, if you run a dog servicing company, you pair up with a pet food store to offer deals to each other’s customers.

One other benefit of developing a business partnership is that you can easily access more customer insights. So it good you develop relationships with 

In addition to all other strategies I have listed, there is also an online method called pay-per-click. More and more businesses are beginning to see the use of paid advertising. Most of your competitors in your industry have all utilized it at some point. It is one strategy that can never go obsolete. Although it comes with a cost, with paid advertising, you can attract tons of customers to your business quickly. 

Whether it’s a product you want to sell or tell people about the services you render, you can use paid advertising to reach a broader audience in less time. When you target the right audience using the proper demographics and insights, you can be assured of generating more leads.

As a business owner, you should set aside a reasonable amount that you will spend on adverts from time to time. You can plan to run smaller ads that will run for a few weeks.

When you prepare to run adverts, ensure you keep your ideal buyer before you. Your headline, intro and the copy itself should all contribute to gaining their attention.


Getting new customers is a little bit hard, but it’s necessary if you want to remain in business. Trying one of these tips will go a long way. If you can implement them and offer real value to your customers, getting new customers won’t seem hard.

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