10 Canadian Scholarships for International Students

If you have a study abroad plan and  Canada is your destination, there are 10 Canadian scholarships you should not miss every year as an international student. 

These Canadian Scholarships are open annually and currently for this year, apply pressure; especially if there is no financial support from family & friends and scholarship is the go-to plan.

Many international students have received these scholarships in the past and they are still available for eligible applicants.

Canadian Scholarships for International Students

1) McGill University Weston Fellowship

Award Value: Up to $19,000

Duration: Award is renewable once at the Master’s level, two times at the Doctoral level. Renewal is subject to maintaining good standing in the program and providing a satisfactory progress report.

Deadline: Decided Yearly


To be eligible for the Weston Fellowship, you must:

  • Have registered in a graduate program at McGill or applied and received an Offer of Admission from McGill;
  • Be registered full-time for the duration of the award;
  • Master’s students must be M1 or M2 
  • Doctoral students must be PhD1 to PhD5
  • Have ongoing research or be planning research on university teaching and learning in any Faculty.

Application Link: Mcgill Weston fellowship

2) University of Saskatchewan International Dean’s Scholarship

Award Value: Up to $36,000 for Masters and $66,000 for PhD

Deadline: November and February Yearly.


To be eligible for a Dean’s Scholarship, applicants must

  • Possess a minimum grade point entrance average of 85%
  • Be registering for the first time in a thesis or dissertation-based program at the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Provide proof of research activity in refereed journal publications or conference presentations/publications (at least 1 publication or 1 presentation)
  • must be starting their graduate program in either January 2022, May 2022, or September 2022

Application Link: USASK scholarships

3) University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

Award Value: Up to $28,000 for Masters and $72,000 for PhD

Duration: 12- 60 months

Deadline: Decided Yearly


  • Students must have a minimum admission GPA of 3.0 to be considered for this award. Some departments may have a higher GPA requirement.
  • The UMGF is tenable in the department or unit in which it was offered at the University of Manitoba.
  • Applicants must have been admitted as full-time students without provision or have cleared provisional admission as a master’s or Ph.D. student in a graduate program at the University of Manitoba.

Application Link: University of Manitoba graduate studies funding awards and financial aid

4) University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship

Value: Up to $32,000 for Masters and $60,000 for PhD

Deadline: February/March Yearly


  • University Graduate Scholarships (UGS) recipients must be full-time students.
  • Must be fully qualified students who are continuing their program or are in the process of being admitted into a graduate degree program. 
  • Applicants must be in the first 36 months of a Master’s degree program or the first 48 months of a Doctoral degree program to apply for or hold a UGS.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of 80% average as a continuing student or entrance average as a prospective student.

Application Link: USASK award and Scholarships

5) University of Waterloo International Student Funding

The University of Waterloo has a variety of funding opportunities available for international students.  Below are 8 scholarship opportunities and their application links: 

6) McMaster University Graduate Scholarships

McMaster University offers over 31 bursaries or grants yearly. Click the like below to find the one you are most eligible for. 

Value: Full-time Tuition + $13,500

Deadline: Decided Yearly

Application Link: Mcmaster current scholarships

7) University of Alberta Master’s Entrance Scholarship

Value: Up to $27,500 ($17,500 stipend and $10,000 for other fees).

Deadline: Decided Yearly

Application Link: University of Alberta scholarships

8) University of Toronto Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Value: Up to $15,000

Deadline: Jan – April Yearly


Applicants must:

  • International students who are studying or plan to study at the University of Toronto under a temporary resident visa (student study permit) are eligible for a set number of OGS awards (valid study permits must be effective as of the graduate units’ OGS international application deadline);
  • Apply for or be registered for a full-time program of study of two or three sessions at the University of Toronto leading to a graduate degree. 
  • A full-time student is in at least 60% of a full course load (40% for students with a permanent disability) or as defined by their institution.
  • Have not exceeded the lifetime maximum of government-funded support or maximum OGS/QEII support available ​for their current level of study (see Maximum Support below); and
  • ​Have achieved at least A- (or equivalent) in each of the last two completed years of study (full-time equivalent); 

Application Link: University of Toronto

9) Queen’s University School of Graduate Studies Funding

Value: Minimum $18,000 per year for up to 4 years

Additional $5,000 for incoming international PhD students.

Deadline: Decided Yearly

Application Link: Queens University current students funding

10) University of Toronto – Other School of Graduate Studies Award

This offers over 60 awards and a variety of eligible courses. Click on their official website for more information. 

Application Link: University of Toronto awards

Most of these scholarships do not even require separate applications. Once you apply for admission, you are automatically considered/nominated.

These are yearly applications so be on the lookout for when the applications are open, prepare and submit all the required admission documents for those you meet all requirements and you are good to go. The ball is now in your court.

Stay frosty.

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